July 12, 2024

Herding dogs are loyal companions. Originally bred as working animals, these four-legged creatures need exercise and work. Here are some great herding dogs.

Sheepdogs are working animals

There are many sheepdog families. FCI list More than 40 race members On top of that, you have to devote a lot of time to the shepherd and his former helper. Daily walks and plenty of space to run around and watch are a must. The Border Collie and the Australian Shepherd are some of the best-known representative dogs. This time we will introduce you to some lesser known sheepdogs.

Bouvier de Flandres – the Belgian powerhouse

This breed is one of the oldest herding dogs. It is a large, powerful dog that could easily be confused with a Royal Poodle. They were bred and trained as cattle drivers.


  1. Birthplace: Belgium
  2. Size: Men’s 65cm, Women’s 62cm
  3. Weight: Male 35-40kg, Female 27-35kg
  4. Coat color: Grey brindle or black cloudy
  5. Personality: Agile, hardworking, attentive, alert, active
  6. Average lifespan: 12 years

Tornjak – an elegant herding dog

Tornyak is big and strong, but he doesn’t look clumsy. Typical livestock guard dog Originally from the Balkans, native to what is now Croatia, the Tornjak is known for its long, thick coat and graceful movements.


  1. Origin: Balkan Peninsula
  2. Size: Men’s 65-70cm, Women’s 60-65cm
  3. Weight: Between 40kg and 60kg
  4. Fur Color: Multicolor
  5. Personality: Independent, loyal, obedient, alert
  6. Average lifespan: 12 years

Norwegian Buhund – Herding Spitz

This medium-sized, four-legged friend is reminiscent of a Pomeranian, but appears to be stronger in stature. The Norwegian Buhund has its tail curled tightly over its back. Its fur is dense and somewhat short, making it resistant to wind and weather.


  1. Birthplace: Norway
  2. Size: Men’s 43-47cm, Women’s 41-45cm
  3. Weight: Male 14-18kg, Female 12-16kg
  4. Fur Color: Multicolor
  5. Personality: Cheerful, cautious, outspoken
  6. Average lifespan: 12 years
How do herding dogs actually behave?How do herding dogs actually behave?

How do herding dogs actually behave?

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Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog – A daredevil with a chunky tail

Australian Stumpytail Cattle Dog Characterized by a congenital chunky tailA sturdy working animal, it is reminiscent of a short-haired German shepherd. The animals are very attentive and human-oriented. They often have a special affection for their family members. They can be distrustful of strangers.


  1. Origin: Australia
  2. Size: Men’s 46-50cm, Women’s 43-48cm
  3. Weight: Males 15-24kg, Females 14-18kg
  4. Coat color: Blue and red, spotted and speckled
  5. Personality: Tenacious, alert, vigilant, attentive, loyal and dedicated to work.
  6. Life expectancy: 14 years

Herding dogs need lots of exercise and to be kept busy at all times. If you have a large piece of land and lots of time to spend with animals, a herding dog can enrich your daily life and make a loyal family dog.

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