July 12, 2024

if – With this control, it’s not hard to stop! It seems that traffic policemen, stop signs and four-legged friends are enough to enforce law and order in India. A significant number of Internet users even consider this idea as a model for the future.

They are amazed. Road users passing by still have to get used to their new four-legged colleagues. © Screenshot/Instagram/Blue Cross of India

Smart and effective measures are especially needed where road traffic is highly disrupted.

What this looks like in practice was demonstrated on camera by a very animal-loving sergeant who made use of the dog’s services in a hilarious way.

The short clip, which quickly went viral on Instagram, shows street scenes where humans and their four-legged friends work together to keep traffic calm.

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The two protagonists of the story each contributed in their own way to the success of an entertaining campaign.


Respect for the unequal street duo online

There’s no doubt about it. The traffic-control dog here is an internet star. © Screenshot/Instagram/Blue Cross of India

The fact that the dog really enjoyed his unusual task should be made very clear by the photos.

He was so excited that he could hardly stand on his feet and ran between the legs of an equally busy traffic cop in his best dog-like fashion, even getting down on all fours at one point.

For the most part, cars and motorbikes proceeded carefully and without incident.

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The curious looks from road users waiting dutifully at the intersection revealed that “traffic dogs” are indeed a rare sight, even in the chaotic Indian subcontinent.

It is also worth noting that this four-legged friend literally followed his “boss” wherever he moved. Social media The comments for the good-friend duo were mostly euphoric, with the majority of users praising the police officer for his generosity, but of course, the four-legged friend himself also received a lot of sympathy. And for good reason, thanks to this incredibly cool campaign.

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