July 12, 2024

Animal shelter residents looking for homes

Zelda the dog at the Berlin animal shelter

© Berlin Animal Shelter

Zelda is a German Shepherd/Pekingese Hound mix who is looking for a new home.

Europe’s largest animal shelter is located in Berlin and, in addition to dogs and cats, it cares for around 1,300 animals and also houses birds, small animals and farm animals. But no real home can replace that. But maybe you have a free spot for, say, Zelda the dog?

May 25, 2024 – 12:00 PM

It is a sad fact that every day, far too many animals are abandoned and left in neglected conditions. How wonderful that at numerous animal shelters, they can find temporary homes where they can be cared for and recuperate. It’s wonderful!

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But that doesn’t work in the long term. [kann] “It’s just a temporary solution for the animals, not a real home,” says an animal shelter in Berlin. Do we want to give so many animals a chance and provide them with a loving environment today? : Zelda the dog is looking for a new home.

Zelda was already in an animal shelter in Berlin when she was a puppy, from where the dog found her family when she was still a young baby. However, she was returned to the animal shelter with a heavy heart. Why? Because Zelda could not cope in a home for a long period of time and, as a result, unfortunately, she bit her owner several times.

This adorable mix of German Shepherd, Pekingese and hunting dog is not vicious, but aggressive out of fear and defense of resources, especially when it comes to food. Zelda is simply very insecure and afraid of strangers, especially at first. However, she is friendly with acquaintances. All you need to do is win her trust. Once the ice is thawed, Zelda will be a gentle, trustworthy and playful dog.

Zelda the dog at the Berlin animal shelter

Zelda is not good with people. However, she gets along very well with other dogs. She generally likes other dogs and can calmly walk past them. Foraging games are very popular with this mixed breed and she also knows the basic general commands. Zelda can be alone for hours at a time.

A quiet home with understanding people who have experience owning dogs would be great for Zelda. Ideally, you should be able to make her feel safe through a set routine and clear guidance. Unfortunately, Zelda is not suitable for children because of her past. It would be perfect if you could place her with a calm, confident first dog who can take her under their wing. It will take several visits to the animal shelter to make Zelda feel at ease and get to know her. She will receive lifetime free treatment for her hip joints at a veterinary clinic in Berlin.

Operator Number 23/208
Animal species dog
sex woman
Varieties German Shepherd Pekingese Hound mix
date of birth January 2018 (age 5)
size Shoulder height: approx. 25cm
weight Here. 10kg
Since then, at the animal shelter January 24, 2023
Suitable for People who already have a dog
Not suitable for Kinder

The staff at the animal shelter are sure that anyone who adopts Zelda will not regret it. Do you want to give her a home? Do you have the right environment? Then contact the animal keepers at Struppi-Haus on 030 / 76 888-156 or send an email to: [email protected].

In addition to Zelda, many other animals are officially waiting to be adopted – and there are more every day. You can find out more about the animal residents at tierschutz-berlin.de. There you will also find information about the animal shelter, including how to donate and volunteer.

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Jochen Bendel also adopted a dog from an animal shelter. “That’s why I’m so committed to animal adoption,” the presenter revealed in an interview with BILD der FRAU.

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