July 12, 2024

Unfortunately, you have to leave your dog alone during the day and are looking for something nice to do for your four-legged friend? This IKEA hack is the solution!

This product is actually a toy for children. The DUKTIG series offers children: stuffed toy Everything in the kitchen. But in a video, TikToker @kromis.zelda shows how to repurpose the fabric cinnamon rolls from the product line, to great benefit your furry four-legged friends. Not only is this IKEA hack made from children’s toys, but it’s also super easy to copy.

IKEA Hack: Here’s how to turn kids’ toys into dog toys

Zelda unwraps the stuffed cinnamon roll and rolls it into a length on the floor. All she needs are a few treats and the fun begins. Regular rewards When you open the packaging, you will find a stuffed toy inside. Finally, place the returned cinnamon roll back on the cloth baking sheet. Go through the whole process with every cinnamon roll and present it to your dog. Now your dog has a tasty toy to test his skills.

DUKTIG Cloth ToyDUKTIG Cloth Toy

DUKTIG Cloth Toy

The price may be higher now. Current price as of 9:39 AM on May 25, 2024

You can do this with dog toys too.

Not only is it really fun to watch dogs in TikTok videos and watch your own four-legged friends discover toys, but this IKEA hack is also the perfect playful activity for your loved one when you leave the animal home alone. Our tips: Also hide the four cinnamon rolls. I’m still at your house It’s located in a corner for easy access. This not only keeps your dog alert at all times, but also allows for playful training.

By the way, with IKEA you can not only make smart toys for your dog, but also set up your home smartly. How? We will reveal this in the video.

How to make your home smart with IKEA products!

How to make your home smart with IKEA products!

These IKEA dog hacks are not only easy to implement, but also make your dog happy. By the way, IKEA hacks are not only for animals, but also for your home. For example, you can shorten the curtains, organize your kitchen drawers, and easily erase unused doors with IKEA.

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