July 12, 2024

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In Wörstadt, dogs must be kept on a lead when walking in the fields, forests and meadows during the breeding and reproductive season from March to October. Otherwise you risk a heavy fine. Symbol © pv

To ensure that Wörstadt’s dogs must be kept on a lead during breeding and preying season, three factions – the FWG, the SPD and the CDU – passed a corresponding decree.

Just recently, a poaching dog killed a fawn in Gross Karben, where there is no leash requirement. In Wörstadt, dogs must currently be kept on a leash during the breeding and reproductive season, from March 1 to September 30. At this time, animals are especially sensitive. “Such disruptions can be avoided with little effort if dog owners keep their dogs on leashes during this period and use paved paths,” the approved proposal states.

The maximum lead length is 2 metres

Wörstadt’s ordinance is based on the model ordinance of the district of Wetterau and the Association of Hessian Cities and Municipalities. It applies to Bad Wilbel, Leimschein, Glauburg, Altenstadt, Schöneck and Rannstatt. In fields, forests and meadows, dogs must therefore be kept on a lead no longer than two metres. If the lead is equipped with a separate retractor, the maximum permitted length is 10 metres. Violations of this are punishable by fines of up to 50,000 euros.

The two unattached Drs. Mike Rinker and Oliver Kroeker of “Pro Wöllstadt” voted against the new law. They are not aware of any concrete cases. “We can therefore certainly express the opinion that the planned law is disproportionate and therefore illegal,” Rinker said. He also did not like the fixed period. In most federal states, the breeding and laying season is considered to be a few weeks from April 1 to July 15. “What sense does the mandatory lead have when mowing of the pasture has been permitted for a long time?” he asked. Other decrees also did not distinguish between a normal lead (2 meters) and a flexible lead (10 meters). The latter poses a risk of injury not only to dogs, but also to pedestrians, cyclists, skaters and joggers who can get caught and fall.

There are dog parks in other communities that require leashes during breeding and reproductive seasons, but Wöllstadt has already been refused several times. Linker: »How are dogs supposed to be kept in a species-appropriate manner in Wöllstadt if their owners don’t have their own yards? Are they going to be okay without running around for seven months?« His concerns fell on deaf ears.

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