July 12, 2024

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A human arm and missing couple found in Germany raise some chilling theories and the investigation is moving fast.

Update since 7:36am May 25: A sad certainty. The missing couple are no longer with us. The Guardia Civil reports that the bodies of the two Germans were found near Alicante. The newspaper says: information and Alicante Press The couple were based in Mallorca.

A police search was launched on April 27th after a dog came across the woman’s severed arm. Initially, only the couple’s rental car was found in a parking lot. The body has now been found about 500 metres away in a mountainous area. Rescue teams have used drones and other equipment to search the area.

Investigators now believe the couple have been dead since January, and there is no evidence of third-party involvement, so police have not ruled out the possibility of a joint suicide.

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German couple goes missing in holiday area: dog discovers human arm – investigation launched

First report from May 22nd: Jijona – The plot could be straight out of a thriller. A dog returns to its owner with an arm bearing a gold ring. According to the portal Costa News The dog’s owners made the horrifying discovery on April 27th.

The animal was apparently alone in the countryside. This immediately raised fears of crime and a massive search operation was launched. Several teams of police officers, sniffer dogs and drones were deployed. The search has been ongoing for several weeks, with a German couple believed to be possible victims.

Police are investigating all sides of possible crime against German couple

Spain is one of the most popular holiday destinations for Germans, so the couple wanted to spend a few lovely days in Spain in April. They rented a car and drove to the village of Dijon. But since then, all traces of the couple have been lost. According to Spanish newspapers, friends and family have not heard from the couple since. world The rental car hasn’t been moved since she arrived.

Beach parking
The German couple parked their car in Giona and it has not been moved since. (Symbolic image) © Unai Huizi/Imago

For now it is just a hypothesis, since the German couple has never been found. It is still unclear to whom the arm found belongs. There is no trace of either, and so far no further information has been released about the two missing people. There are various theories about what happened to the couple. Among other things, a possible escalation of domestic violence or suicide is suspected. However, the investigation is still open in all directions.

A similar crime occurred last year, when the son of a Spanish actor confessed to dismembering his friend, causing a stir.

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