July 12, 2024

The situation in most animal shelters in NRW is precarious. Very often animals are simply abandoned or taken up in already full animal shelters for other reasons. Many animal protection organisations have already imposed admission bans. Capacity is running out almost everywhere.

A similar story was told of Buddy, a gentle male who ended up being surrendered to an animal shelter at a later age. At the proud age of 13, he was simply given up because he was overwhelmed. But the Malinois mix is ​​not doing well at the animal shelter. He even has some health issues.

Dog at NRW animal shelter: Buddy takes a short break

The 13-year-old male dog was given up by his owner at the NRW animal shelter in Düsseldorf because he was overwhelmed. Despite his age, he is still very healthy and loves to exercise, but life at the animal shelter is not good for him. “Unfortunately, he receives a lot of neglect at the animal shelter, which is not good for a Malinois mix!” reports the head of the WDR program “Animals Looking for Homes”. This life is already affecting his health.

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Looking at his stomach, the effects are clear: “He had already lost a lot of weight… Stress is affecting him!” say the animal rights activists. “He’s skinny.” Buddy is typically sensitive to stimuli for his breed and is constantly stressed by the high noise levels at the animal shelter in NRW. The male dog has now developed chronic enteritis and is being treated with medication.

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People-oriented and kind

He likes to fuss when on walks, but relaxes and runs when consistently guided. He’s very people-oriented and loves to be kept busy. “Jogging, playing and cuddling are also very popular. Of course, veterinary care and a special diet (if needed) are provided by the NRW animal shelter.” Anyone interested in Buddy can contact the Düsseldorf animal shelter at

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Animal lovers are angry

Buddy’s fate of only being handed over because he was overwhelmed has angered many animal lovers. “How could you give up on him just because he’s 13 years your senior and he’s overwhelmed?” “It’s always sad how careless so many people are” is just one of many comments.

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