May 18, 2024

The dog itself had to be used for all sorts of purposes. Sometimes dogs become man’s best friend. Sometimes he is portrayed as a stupid, cocky, or lazy dog. In fact, the dog has a hard time enduring all of these attributions and expectations that people place on him. Finally, it is considered a four-legged sedative. In other words, it wouldn’t be strange if a dachshund was called Valium instead of Waldi. However, the editors currently know nothing about the most popular dog names.

But what is known is the following news. Italy has banned yoga with puppies. Yoga aims to strengthen the body, mind and soul. Yoga classes with small dogs are becoming increasingly popular around the world as a way to help them feel more relaxed, but animal rights activists are understandably vehemently opposed. Currently, it is successful in Italy. It is argued that growing animals should not be abused for such purposes. Apparently, animal rights activists consider it torture for dogs to have to watch people fed up with prosperity contort on mats.

We also encourage young dogs to see people doing yoga. Using a puppy for brain teasers isn’t so bad, as long as your dog doesn’t wag his tail. As long as there are treats, yoga is not a violation of your dog’s dignity. (niff)

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