May 21, 2024

Many children want to own a pet someday. That in itself is not a bad thing. Children must lose their fear of animals and learn to be responsible, considerate, and communicate with pets.

However, you should not be too careless in fulfilling their wishes for your animal. Ultimately, it is the parents who must ensure the animal’s health.

And you shouldn’t start getting your own pet too early. A sense of responsibility towards animals develops slowly. Starting around the age of eight, your child will be able to care for a pet independently (though with some supervision). Children cannot care for a dog or cat on their own until they are 12 years old at the earliest.

If you have to give up on owning a pet due to time, cost, or other reasons, you can maintain regular contact with the animal and build a bond.

Sponsoring an animal shelter
Many animal shelters offer opportunities to sponsor animals, especially those that are difficult or impossible to adopt due to age, health, appearance, or other reasons.

However, it must be made clear in advance that you will actually be able to spend time with the animals and that the sponsorship will not be limited to covering the costs incurred.

pet sitter
As a pet sitter, you can help other animal lovers in need of pet care. As a holiday replacement or as a regular walk. For schoolchildren, students and pensioners, this is a great opportunity to earn a few extra euros.

pet sharing
Pet sharing involves two animal lovers sharing a pet. A concept for animal lovers who don’t have enough time to spend with their animals, but can’t live without them. If you do not have a suitable sharing partner among your friends or acquaintances, you can find a suitable sharing portal on the Internet.

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