May 21, 2024

Spring is the time of year when we can finally get outside again, ideally with our four-legged friends in tow. In this connection, many dog ​​owners ask themselves which one is a dog. Spring activities with dogs Especially suitable and makes not only people happy, but also animals. We considered four great ideas.

Annika is a dog mom herself.

Author Annika and her dog Sherlock are the ultimate dream team. All of the tips and tricks Annika provides in her articles are dog-approved and have been tried out by Sherlock beforehand.

1. Stand up paddling

If you’re looking for a real adventure and have a dog who loves water more than anything, stand-up paddling is the perfect activity for spring. Here we not only train coordination and balance, but also dog training. To ensure everything goes smoothly on the water, it is important to complete dry training first. So “sit”, “sit” and “stay” should work on land boards.

Hund Baim Stand Up Paddling
Activities with dogs this spring require a lot of skill. photograph: Everydog Sas Story – Stock.adobe.

Next comes contact with the paddle. To do this, stand on your four-legged friend and slightly move the rudder back and forth. After it stays there for a while, repeat all these steps and get your dog on and off the board a few times. Also consider water temperature and your furry friend’s swimming skills.

2. Funde Yoga

If you want to take things a little easier, you can try dog ​​yoga. If you have a little patience, you can perform simple exercises with your animal. The commands “sit,” “sit,” and “stand” should already be well mastered.To make this spring’s activities a success.

hunde yoga
A spring activity you can do with your dog is dog yoga. photograph: 220 Homebrew Studio –

You can then link these commands together, for example by coaxing your dog from a seat to “little cobra” or from a standing position to “downward dog.”this is how to train them Animal muscle coordination and muscles – And your emotional bond will become even stronger.

3. Picnic

What could be better than having a picnic in the fields on a warm day? Yes, bring your dog along. If your girlfriend’s four-legged friend is the laid-back type and enjoys being free on all fours, a picnic is a great spring activity. Buy some food for yourself, some treats for your furry friend, grab a blanket, a bone to chew on and a good book and sit in the meadow and let your mind wander. It is important that the dog stays with the owner and does not quickly run away when faced with external stimuli. In this case, you can tie a leash loosely around the dog’s leg to prevent it from escaping on its own.

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