May 18, 2024

Detection dogs have an important job at airports and train stations. After all, they can find certain things this way that we humans would never find, using only their keen sense of smell. At Frankfurt Airport, Nala the dog sniffs the luggage and finds something strange.But what the heck sniffer dog In 2019, this is an incredible number even for experienced civil servants.

Sniper dog Nella: this is how to control Frankfurt Airport

A trained sniffer dog’s nose is so sensitive that it can detect even the smallest odor particles.Four-legged friends are used for this task Receive training over a period of several months to a year. The dogs are then allowed to access passenger luggage and stop if they smell anything suspicious. Some four-legged friends may make noises or even bark when they smell something.

Meanwhile, Nella remained motionless when she made the sensational discovery at Frankfurt Airport on August 12, 2019, right in the middle of the holiday season.this day is Main customs authorities were regularly inspecting luggage arriving from Nigeria.. Nala, a German shepherd, seemed uninterested and almost bored when she suddenly stopped near an inconspicuous cloth suitcase on wheels. The dog’s attitude when he discovers that something has happened is that his body muscles no longer twitch.

Detector dog Nella becomes Frankfurt Airport’s heroine

The officers trusted Nella’s instincts and immediately opened the suitcase and examined it by hand. I didn’t find anything at first, but the German Shepherd’s attitude leaves no room for doubt. “There must be something here!” And indeed: in addition to personal belongings. 2 necklaces and 1 earring for women A case made of simple white material.

But what exactly is suspicious about these jewelry? real african elephant ivory. And this substance is covered by CITES on International Trade in Endangered Species. It was smuggled because it lacked the documents absolutely necessary for import.

And the most attractive thing is Ivory itself has almost no odor. And the sniffer dog Nella was still able to find these precious gems. This shows once again what a great job this special four-legged friend of his can do.

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