May 18, 2024

Being a pet owner isn’t just associated with peace, joy, and pancakes. No, there’s a lot behind it. From feeling responsible, from shopping for your four-legged friend, to keeping your dog busy so he doesn’t get lonely or get bored and tear up the apartment. In this connection, some dog owners who have been driven to the brink of insanity by their furry friends have asked: “Is my dog ​​stressing me out?” There was a study that dealt with exactly this topic.

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“Is my dog ​​stressing me out?”: Pet owners often feel more stressed than non-pet owners.

Yes, that’s true. Pet owners often experience more stress than non-pet owners.According to Direct Insurance Company Current Human and Pet Research DA Direct Through collaborative research with Professor Andrea Beets, a psychologist and researcher of human-animal relationships, A whopping 34 percent of pet owners report high levels of stress, compared to just 28 percent of non-pet owners.

dog stress
Dogs can be very stressed by their own behavior. photograph: Fallen –

It is often said that dogs relieve the stress of monotonous daily life and enrich it. And yes, that is of course true. But “extra” creatures come with additional tasks, people who don’t have pets obviously don’t have one. From walking the dog to visiting the vet.

“People who decide to own a pet for the wrong reasons, or who cannot guarantee species-appropriate care, will experience animal ownership primarily as a stressor,” he says. andrea beets.And that Overcrowded animal shelters are evidence of unwise pet purchases. according to it German Animal Welfare Association As a result, two-thirds of all animal shelters in Germany have stopped accepting animals.

‘Is my dog ​​stressing me out?’: Here’s what the study says

According to the survey, 68% say they spend a lot of time with their pets. This puts them on about the same level as people who experience animal husbandry as a method of stress relief. Her 63 percent of pet owners actually feel happier since their four-legged friend arrived. “The results clearly show that Developing a positive relationship with your pet is a profitable investment for people.. For livestock farming to be successful, both sides have to work well together,” says the professor. beets.

But if you’re wondering, “Is my dog ​​causing me stress?” you’re not alone. Many pet owners find raising a pet to be time-consuming and extremely stressful.I almost have it A quarter of those surveyed feel guilty about not being able to spend time with their dog. Of these, 37% spend less than two hours each day doing active activities, such as walking with their furry friend.

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About the research: On behalf of DA Direkt, market research company infas quo surveyed 2,105 people aged 18 to 79 by gender and federal state. The survey was conducted in March 2024.

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