May 18, 2024

Some dog owners may know this. When you open the door after a long day, your four-legged friend will come towards you with a look of joy on his face. Then you’ll notice a small puddle under its furry nose, indicating that your four-legged friend has just pooped.In this situation, many people are wondering what to do with this dog happy pee It is in itself. But most people don’t know that it’s not just about pleasure. we have become smarter.

Annika is a dog mom herself.

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Happy pee in dogs: where does it come from?

What actually causes dogs to keep urinating when they’re really happy with visitors? please do not worry. This is not a serious illness. But “pleasure pee” often has nothing to do with pleasure. Rather, it is often triggered by excitement or many dog ​​experts also confirm.

The aforementioned anxiety is especially noticeable in puppies. These often release small amounts of urine when a more dominant adult animal approaches and sniffs them. For them, “pee of joy” is a kind of thing. protection mechanism. By releasing urine, adult dogs know that they are dealing with a small puppy and will leave the puppy alone.

dog being pulled
Behind a dog’s “joy pee” there is often something completely different than joy. photograph: Africa Studio –

However, even adult dogs may pee with pleasure. In this case, the behavior is often creeping in because the owner didn’t respond or respond appropriately to their four-legged friend’s reactions. Of course, be extra careful if your dog urinates in the hallway. Fur Nose will learn: “When I pee, I get taken care of and get attention.”

This is why older dogs pee for fun.

It’s not just young dogs who pee for fun, older four-legged dogs do the same. In this case, it is important as an owner to pay attention to the animal’s body language. Pleasure is expressed by a loose wag of the tail and an open, relaxed posture. However, if your dog bends over, flattens his ears, or tucks his tail;when you are greeted, it is nothing but joy.

Your older four-legged friend may then exhibit soothing behavior if you hurl yourself onto your back. To avoid conflict and reduce the aggressive behavior of the other person. This behavior is displayed towards people when the other person leans towards the dog, touches it from above, or speaks to it loudly. Many dogs perceive this as a threat and will urinate to appease them and distract them.

How can I stop my dog ​​from peeing happily?

Now that we know that “peeing happily” is not actually a happy response, we need to find a way to break our dog’s habit of this behavior. Easiest way: Consistently ignored. Do not greet the dog or lean on it. It is also taboo to pet or hug a dog when greeting.

Therefore, you need to wipe it first When the situation has calmed down and the dog is relaxed again. This way, your four-legged friend will realize that he isn’t getting any more attention from his “pleasure pee”.

However, it is especially important that Do not punish or scold your dog, I wish I had pulled it again when I visited. Not only does this give the dog new attention, but it also doesn’t help relax the dog, who continues to protect itself from anxiety.

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