May 20, 2024

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South Korean luxury brand Genesis has developed a new concept by placing a dog castle in the trunk of an electric car. But is it really an option?

As everyone knows, dogs are man’s best friend. The same seems to be true of Genesis. This Korean luxury brand has created the ultimate cozy experience for your four-legged furry friends. The Electrified GV70’s trunk transforms into a dog castle.

The new Genesis X Dog concept was inspired by Eleven the Cocker Spaniel. Eleven, commonly known as “Elle”. This dog likes to swim in rivers and prefers muddy puddles. “Although she is a restless passenger, she likes listening to calming music while driving, and she prefers warm and cozy spaces,” the automaker wrote in a press release.

Genesis X Dog System: Pure luxury for your four-legged friend

At Genesis, we thought it couldn’t be simpler, so we created a complete solution that’s as good as a hotel suite. Your beloved four-legged friend can relax while driving on a heated dog cushion with ambient lighting. Music is also no problem thanks to the Bluetooth sound system. A dog collar with an individually fitted safety harness is also part of the Genesis X Dog System. Expandable aluminum and carbon fiber ramp provides easy access to the trunk.

Elle, a cocker spaniel, relaxes on a heated dog cushion.
Elle, a cocker spaniel, enthusiastically worked on the project. © Genesis

But what if your furry friend blows off steam during a walk in the lake or puddles at the nearest recreation area? Genesis has this in mind, too, with a shower and hairdryer onboard as well. The dog castle (made of vegan leather, of course) is always kept clean.

The shower can be operated via the GV70’s onboard network

The Genesis Electrified GV70 itself powers the shower water pump (tank capacity 6 liters) and the hair dryer. Thanks to Vehicle-to-Load technology, the electric car can also supply other AC consumers with up to 3.7 kW of power. It is not yet clear whether this concept will actually be adopted as special equipment. For now, the manufacturer is only touring the UK with its dog Oasis. Genesis Studios in Battersea and Westfield will also have dedicated dog wellness areas.

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But Koreans aren’t the only ones who imagine their fluffy four-legged friends. Rivian has an additional pet mode, and Tesla has a similar feature. This is to avoid animals being rescued from hot cars. After just a few minutes, it becomes dangerous for animals and children in the heat.

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