May 27, 2024

There are a growing number of dog transport options available in specialized stores and second-hand. Our four-legged friends, who cannot walk for long periods of time, can always be with us as a variety of companions, despite their limited motor skills. For example, dog buggies and bike trailers can be very useful for puppies, older dogs, sick people, disabled dogs, or dogs that have recently started walking on all fours. Appropriate transportation, especially if there are other dogs in the house that need more exercise, or if your two-legged friend doesn’t want to go on long walks, hikes, jogs, or bike rides. is helpful. A weak four-legged friend.


Dog buggies are extremely versatile. In addition to the sports-leisure activities already mentioned, it is also suitable for making it easier for ultra-small dogs to visit the city, walk through crowded markets and travel on very crowded public transport. . Here, our four-legged friends have their own hideout where they feel safe. This way he can completely relax and enjoy the view from above without worrying about painful kicks in the crowd. You can even bring your dog to the museum in a buggy. Such carts are practical at dog shows. Your furry friend will be peace and quiet until he appears in the ring, and therefore won’t have to carry an unwieldy shipping crate.

Dog buggies are now available in a variety of designs, as are strollers. Depending on the size and weight of your four-legged friend to transport, there are lightweight models with 4 to 8 smaller and more stable versions with 3 to 4 large all-terrain wheels, all with a parking brake. Can be locked. . Three-wheeled buggies have a small turning radius, making them ideal for sports such as jogging and inline skating. Additionally, tires on sport he buggies like this are usually sturdier and more durable than tires on regular everyday buggies. So-called 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 models are also available from specialist retailers and can be converted into a bike trailer or dog trolley in just a few steps. His four-legged friend weighing up to 40 kg can usually be comfortably transported in a suitable buggy. “When choosing, make sure your dog has enough room in the car to stretch out comfortably while lying down. If it’s a puppy, remember that it’s still growing. , it’s better to buy a slightly larger car right away. If you want to transport several dogs at the same time, you will of course have to consider space, ”says dog trainer Patrizia Frase. Of course, a comfortable cushion is also essential. A belt or tether to secure your dog is also very important.

The mesh netting ensures optimal ventilation while also preventing dogs from jumping out and insects from entering. If required, a folding sunroof can be used to provide shade. Many models are made of waterproof or highly water-repellent materials, so your four-legged friend under the roof will not get wet even when it rains. A special rain cover is also available. Generally, dog buggies are foldable, which saves space and can be stored when not in use, and can be easily transported for travel.

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“Getting a dog used to a buggy takes a lot of time, patience, praise, and treats. “You can’t just put a dog in a moving car and drive away. It can be very difficult to do that,” Frase says. Before you start training, be sure to lock your car’s brakes to prevent it from rolling over. At first, the dog simply sits in a stationary vehicle, first for short periods of time, then gradually for longer periods of time. The commands “sit” and “stay” are very useful here. Once this works, carefully and repeatedly strap your dog to get used to it and secure it in the car.

Your four-legged friend will also need to get used to the folded fly net. “When you put your dog in the buggy, always associate it with something fun, like eating a few treats. At first, only move the buggy for a short period of time, so your four-legged friend doesn’t have to worry about moving the buggy. Do this only when you are completely calm and relaxed inside. Praise your dog often and be sure to give him food if he is calm, ”says the trainer. Using a chew stick is a great way to distract your dog. If your four-legged friend feels anxious or appears to be panicking, stop driving immediately and allow them to calm down again before continuing. Most dogs quickly realize the benefits of such transportation. However, some people don’t really warm up. Older dogs in particular tend to be restless, and can become stressed if they are suddenly forced to ride an unfamiliar vehicle that bumps or shakes a little. Therefore, it is generally helpful to get your puppy or young dog used to being carried in a buggy so that they don’t have problems with it once they become seniors.

“Make sure there is enough space in the cart for your dog to stretch out comfortably.”


Dog carts are only suitable for small to medium-sized dogs. Some models can also be used as dog backpacks, a practical way to give your less strong four-legged friend a little break while hiking. The dog trolley is similar to a standard suitcase trolley and is useful for travel, dog shows, etc. Here, your four-legged friend will have his own relaxation area where he can relax and spend his time without worrying about being cramped or crowded. Features of the trolley include a soft seat or lying surface, an integrated short leash to secure your dog, and various mesh inserts that ensure optimal air circulation and give your four-legged friend an interesting all-round view. included. Enough space for your dog is a basic requirement when choosing a portable dog bag. “As with buggies, getting used to a trolley should be done very slowly, with lots of patience, praise, treats, and empathy. Some models with only two wheels are It is made even more difficult by the fact that the dog can only be carried in an incline position, which is not comfortable.For the benefit of the dog, the trolley has four wheels that allow it to sit or lie down comfortably. “We need to make sure that,” says Frace.

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bicycle trailer

To take your less mobile four-legged friend on a bike trip, bike trailers come in handy, as well as buggies, with different designs depending on size, weight and special requirements. Some trailers can be quickly converted into a jogger’s kit. “Again, dogs get used to stationary vehicles at first. You can also set up the car in your apartment with the wheels off and use it like a shipping box with food so your four-legged friend can get used to it. You can also make it a comfortable place to rest,” the trainer tells us. After this practice, the demands on the dog will increase again very slowly. At first, push the car lightly, put on the harness, and pull the wheels. At first, it helps to have an extra person running alongside the trailer to supervise and compliment you. dog. “If your four-legged friend really dislikes this type of transportation, it’s probably best not to take him in a bike trailer. Dogs shouldn’t be forced into this,” says Frase. Before you start, be sure to make sure your trailer hitch is installed correctly.

When driving a bicycle, you need to consider the width of your vehicle. We need to extend the curve a little more so it doesn’t get stuck anywhere. This should be practiced without the dog at first. Generally, you must drive slower when using a trailer than when using a trailer. Additionally, the downhill thrust of heavy vehicles should not be underestimated. Braking distances are also significantly longer for trailers. It requires a relatively large amount of force to move forward, especially when starting off, especially if you have a heavy four-legged friend on board. Make sure there is sufficient ventilation inside the trailer during hot summer days. As a rule, as with buggies, various nylon mesh windows are available for this purpose. If it rains, you can replace it with a plastic insert. A bike rearview mirror can help you see your four-legged friends easily. Proper lighting is a must when traveling at dusk. Otherwise, your trip may end in danger.

Bike trailers are usually already equipped with a number of reflectors and sometimes even signal pennants for increased visibility. The material is stain resistant, windproof, and water repellent, and is easy to clean. It has a short leash built into the inside to secure your dog and is best used in conjunction with a harness. Specialized belt systems are often also available. The pillow ensures optimal sleeping position comfort. The dimensions of the trailer depend on the size of your four-legged friend. He should be able to stretch comfortably in it. Most bike trailers can be folded to save space, making them easy to transport. Cyclists themselves should never ride without a helmet.

Never forget!
“Basically, once your dog is used to any type of transportation, it’s really important to praise and reward at the right times so you don’t reward and further reinforce your dog’s initial anxiety.” As always, gradually increase the demands on your dog and don’t force anything. An assistant will also help during training if your four-legged friend is absolutely uncomfortable with the spinning car. If you are feeling this way, you should respect this fact and absolutely refrain from putting them in your car,” says the expert.

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