May 18, 2024

Unfortunately, this is a mistake owners make over and over again, and it almost met a painful fate for this dog from North Rhine-Westphalia. On Tuesday (May 14th), a 55-year-old man left his dog alone in his car in Troisdorf (NRW) when it was 26 degrees outside. The car warmed up quickly under the hot sun.

A dog in North Rhine-Westphalia has received a blessing in disguise. Officers noticed the furry friend and freed the dog from the extremely hot interior of the car. Police said on Wednesday (May 15) that only one window of the car was cracked open.

Dogs in North Rhine-Westphalia: Four-legged friend almost dies

Officers opened the car, removed the Australian Shepherd and gave it water. About 25 minutes later, the owner showed up at his car at the town hall and tried to leave. According to police, the man was unaware that his dog was missing.

Police spoke to the man, obtained personal information, and returned the dog. He is currently being investigated on suspicion of violating the Animal Welfare Act. According to ADAC, if the outside temperature is 26 degrees, the vehicle’s temperature will rise up to 40 degrees in just 20 minutes.

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Holder makes a fatal mistake

Even if the window is opened 2 inches, the internal temperature will be close to 50 degrees after 40 minutes. What some owners completely forget or simply do not know: a dog sweats and cannot regulate heat, so if the indoor temperature reaches 40 degrees, his life is at risk. I hope this doesn’t happen again to the NRW owners…

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