May 18, 2024

This year, the Friends of Boxer Hunde Reutte e association was established. V. celebrated a small anniversary on Ascension Day – Father’s Day. It was the 40th International Dog Race. Once again, we were blessed with perfect weather for the event. A total of 69 dogs of all breeds were registered for the dog race, and they were divided into small, medium, and large dogs to compete in each race. The registered dogs brought many followers. These and other dog racing loyal fans enjoyed trips to the Friends of the Boxer Dog Association dog park in Reutte, making the dog racing a great, well-attended and successful event. As always, the dog race was a small fitness program for people and dogs that everyone enjoyed. The dogs had to run twice around a 40-meter race track in front of their trainers. After about three hours, the rankings and winners were decided. The fastest dog overall and winner in the medium dog category was Nikki from Wies Hamler. In both runs he reached 6.55 seconds and an average speed of about 44.0 km / h. Britta Wekenman’s Sunny won over the smaller competitors with a total time of 8.44 seconds, or about 20 miles per hour. In the large dog category, Danijela Mistrafovic’s Nero repeated her success last year, winning in 6.57 seconds, or approximately 43.8 km/h. Overall he was the second fastest dog. Congratulations not only to the winners but also to all the other participants. The front seat clearance was very small. Boxer Dog Friends Association Reute e. V. would like to thank our guests and the many volunteers and hardworking helpers. I would also like to thank Ms. Dorothy Kammer for her beautiful and humorous report in the Swabian newspaper. We look forward to seeing her again next year at the 41st annual dog race on Father’s Day.

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