May 18, 2024

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A video of mini Australian Shepherd Kaido has captivated the internet. Her cute four-legged friend responds loudly to the siren. but why?

Does your dog howl like a wolf as an ambulance passes by with its blaring siren? Does your four-legged friend respond with a loud scream when church bells ring in your neighborhood? When you sing or play an instrument, do animals join in? What exactly is that?

Passersby are surprised by the dog’s howling

A video of a dog howling is currently taking social media by storm. Dog dad Matt is seen riding his bike through the streets of New York City with his mini Australian Shepherd, Kaido. To help the male dog take part in these tours, Matt had a special backpack made for him. This little Australian sits in it like a co-pilot and has a look of joy on his face as he observes what’s going on around him. On one of these excursions, the young man noticed that his four-legged friend had a special passion for sirens. As soon as he hears a high-pitched sound, he barks. DreamAs soon as his team stops somewhere, amused passersby turn to look at them and take photos.

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Dogs hear other dogs in the noise

A dog howls and throws its head back.
Some dogs start howling loudly as soon as the siren goes off. (Iconic image) © Pond5 Images/Imago

This looks so cute and weird at the same time. Why do dogs howl? It is often triggered by certain noises. The frequency of a siren or siren is said to be similar to a natural dog howl. Dogs react to this by responding to their supposed mate with a bark known as a contact howl. They sometimes want to do things like:

  • reveal one’s location
  • Promote social cohesion within groups
  • protect one’s territory

However, some male dogs may howl even when no sound is produced. For example, your dog might pick up the scent of a female dog in heat to draw attention to you. On the other hand, some dogs suffer from separation anxiety and their owners are not around. But not all dogs howl. Some dog breeds are more prone to this than others. Huskies, beagles, dachshunds, basset hounds, foxhounds, and Tamascans are said to be particularly fond of howling. Also learn why dogs bark.

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