May 18, 2024

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Rudy the dog was abandoned on the highway in a terrible condition. This dramatic story has a happy ending. Rudy got a new house and his name changed too.

Rüdinghausen – Rudy the Yorkshire terrier was rescued by an animal shelter in Rüdinghausen after being abandoned on a highway in North Rhine-Westphalia a few weeks ago. After the discovery, his health deteriorated. But now he finally feels better. The male dog survived the necessary surgery. The following good news has arrived. Rudy has a new home.

Rudy Becomes Toni – Abandoned Dog Gets a New Home and a New Name

Animal shelter worker Beate Bauerbach instantly fell in love with the dog Rudy, and now she is his new owner. Two Yorkshire terriers already live in Rudy’s new home. Beate Bauerbach said Rudy gets along well with the male dogs Rocker and Sammy. “That’s because Rudy is neutered.” Overall, Rudy is relatively easy to care for and is in the best condition.

Rudy the dog has two new siblings.
Rudy the Yorkshire terrier has found a new home in Beate Bauerbach. © Animal Friends Lüdinghausen

Rudy was no longer called Rudy; Beate Bauerbach named him Toni instead. There are various reasons for this. “He was also given a new identity in order to finally forget what he has been through and what has been and close the chapter of ‘Rudy’,” animal lovers from Lüdinghausen wrote in a Facebook post. wrote the following: A look at the fact that a Yorkshire terrier was tied with a rope to a motorway guardrail. Moreover, “There were already two dogs nearby named Rudy. They lacked uniqueness,” says Beate Bauerbach.

Furthermore, the difference between the names Toni and Rudi is not that big, it’s the sound and the ending that matter. Beate Bauerbach is therefore confident that the new name will be accepted quickly. “We didn’t know his name until then. He got used to Rudy right away.”

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