May 21, 2024

Berlin – Beppo (3), a border terrier, has arrived since the beginning of the year. Berliner Animal shelter.of dog It has many great features and is hoping for a loving new home.

Beppo, a 3-year-old border terrier, has been living at an animal shelter in Berlin since the beginning of this year. © Berlin Animal Shelter (image montage)

Beppo came to this home because his previous owner was no longer able to care for him. Male dogs love people and are open and cuddly to strangers.

Beppo is a true model dog, has learned basic commands and is generally not very complex. As a Border Terrier, lots of exercise and exercise are important to him.

But Beppo still has work in progress. Unfortunately when he meets other dogs he gets angry and tugs on the leash. He has probably had little contact with other dogs until now.

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Nevertheless, Beppo’s handlers suspect that Beppo generally gets along well with other dogs once he gets to know them better. Overall, Beppo would be suitable as an only dog.

Beppo doesn’t really like being alone. Those interested should be aware that it may take some practice.


Berlin animal shelter: Beppo the border terrier is looking for a home

Dogs know all the basic commands. © Berlin Animal Shelter (image montage)

Beppo’s current caretakers are looking for a dedicated person who won’t be put off by Beppo’s aggressive nature on a leash. Therefore, a new home is better located on the outskirts of the city, where the dog can easily avoid other dogs.

Families with children can be too busy even for Border Terriers. He loves a quiet life. Beppo will certainly feel at home alone, as well as with a couple or a quiet family with older children.

Previous reports from his previous owners say Beppo suffers from epilepsy, which is why he receives free treatment at an animal shelter for the rest of his life.

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So far, there have been no seizures at the animal shelter. His animal handlers are happy to explain what’s important to anyone who is interested.

Is there still space for Mr. Beppo?We will then contact you by phone. 030 76888-264 along with his caregivers.

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