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Many dog ​​owners are horrified when they see their pets eating poop. However, this abnormal behavior is not just a matter of upbringing.

Owners are often very disgusted when dogs eat their own feces or the feces of other animals. How could my dog ​​do that? What did I do wrong in my upbringing? Many dog ​​owners ask themselves these or similar questions as soon as they drag their four-legged friend away from the scene.To summarize what’s behind it Martin Rüter Dog School Vienna In an online guide about so-called coprophagy. By the way, poop is usually thought to be a pleasant smell to dogs, or at least perceived as interesting.

What could be behind dogs eating poop?

A dog puppy eats feces.
There are many reasons why your dog may eat his own or someone else’s feces. © Pond5 Images/Imago

If your dog eats feces, there may be the following reasons behind the unpleasant behavior:

  • Improper imprinting during puppyhood: Dogs had to eat feces because other food was not available or not enough.
  • Symptoms of hunger or nutritional deficiencies: Dogs compensate for deficiencies by ingesting other animals or the feces of other animals.
  • Attention Deficit: Dogs seek human attention when they engage in inappropriate or forbidden behavior.
  • Marking and territorial behavior: According to the dog school, some dogs are anxious and want to erase as much of their own traces (feces and urine) as possible, while others will attack the remains of other dogs in order to regain their territory. It is said that they sometimes eat it.

Why some dogs eat puppy poop

In contrast, if a dog eats pup feces, it is considered natural behavior.noisy VTG Animal Health Some dogs instinctively want to destroy the puppy’s scent trail to protect the puppy from attack by predators.

When a puppy eats feces, it also “builds the puppy’s own gut flora.”

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die VTG Animal Health Also listed are the following reasons for coprophagy in dogs:

  • Overfeeding: The opposite of hunger can also cause your dog to eat feces. The undigested food components it contains are particularly attractive to dogs.
  • Forced cleaning: Dogs that have to live in poor sanitary conditions (such as kennel dogs) often eat their own feces out of frustration or the urge to clean.
  • Illness: Some illnesses, such as pancreatic insufficiency and parasites, can also cause your dog to eat feces.
  • Wrong training: If your dog hasn’t learned that eating feces is prohibited, he may perceive his behavior as normal. If you don’t teach the animal that the behavior is wrong as soon as possible, even if it’s loudly. VTG Animal Health As you get older, it becomes more difficult to remove.

Dog coprophagy – what should owners do?

Dog owners are advised to seek veterinary attention immediately if they notice their four-legged friend eating more feces, even if it’s “only” their own feces. To do.On the other hand, if eating poop is a tactic to get your owner’s attention, please help, according to the owner. Martin Rüter Dog School Vienna As well as making sure the dog gets plenty of exercise and always focusing on the owner during walks, just ignore the behavior. In the case of marking and territorial behavior, behavioral training can help your dog become “environmentally safe.” Learn more about what it means when a dog chases its own tail.

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