May 21, 2024

Dog adoption is done as follows:

Step 1: Self-disclosure and getting to know your dog

Of course, animal shelter employees want to know exactly who is interested in the dog and why. It’s best to be prepared for questions like this. Many animal shelters list their currently adopted animals on their websites. This site is worth checking out and will save your employees time.

Step 2: Know your dog

Usually, the animal shelter will suggest a suitable dog for you. You can trust the expertise of employees who know animals inside and out. Then there will be first contact and perhaps a first walk.

If you still feel uneasy after the walk, you can arrange your next appointment without any problem.

3rd stage: Preliminary investigation/mediation interview

Many animal shelters carefully check whether you are a suitable pet owner. Some even come to your home. Let’s take our time!

Step 4: Pay protection fees

Once all this is done, the new owner must pay a protection fee. This varies by animal shelter. Tip: All animal shelters will happily accept post-adoption donations in addition to shelter fees.

Fifth step: Follow-up inspection

The animal shelter will continue to communicate with you after you take your dog home. After all, employees want to know if the animal is okay. In some cases, we may need to visit your home again.

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