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“My dog ​​is so gentle that I don’t need a muzzle.” You’ve probably heard this phrase or said it yourself. And certainly, muzzles may not be necessary for most dogs. However, muzzles are still required in some public areas. but: When should my dog ​​be muzzled? We’ve done some research for you.

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Muzzle mandate: what does it mean?

Dog owners are responsible for their animals, so they must abide by certain rules. When going out in public with your dog. If there is a muzzle in a particular facility or public area, your four-legged friend should wear an appropriate device. The muzzle is basically intended to prevent the dog from biting or biting other animals or people.

However, the dog’s muzzle allows it Do not interfere with breathing, panting or drinking It also doesn’t restrict his movement.

Where in Germany do I have to muzzle my dog?

It is not possible to give a general answer to the question: “Where should a dog be muzzled?” Locations vary by region. Each city or municipality has the opportunity to issue its own regulations within its area of ​​responsibility. The requirements are mainly about crowded places. However, there is no general requirement that all dogs be muzzled in any of the 16 federal states.

dog with a muzzle
Dogs usually need to be muzzled in crowded areas. photograph: Rodimov Pavel –

In the state of Brandenburg, animals, regardless of breed, must be exhibited in administrative buildings and buildings. Wear a muzzle on public transport Create. There are also some things to keep in mind when traveling with Deutsche Bahn. Dogs must be in a shipping crate or wear a muzzle and leash. The exception is companion dogs.

Dog list: This applies to the following dog breeds

The muzzle requirements for so-called listed dogs have special features. In almost all federal states, muzzles must be worn immediately in public places. And this applies not only to purebred four-legged friends, but also to mongrels and mixed breeds. Special permits can be obtained with the help of a positive temperament test, which the dog owner can carry with him and show at any time.

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The following dog breeds are considered listed dogs: Varies by state. However, there are also similarities in the breed lists of each federal state, with the following breeds usually listed:

This is what happens when you violate muzzle requirements

Your dog should normally wear a muzzle From 6 months old. If you do not comply with the requirements or muzzle requirements and are caught doing so, you should expect sanctions to be imposed. However, sanctions are not uniform across the country.

However, there are differences between regular dogs and registered dogs. Anyone who does not own a dog on the list will be fined the first time they violate the muzzle requirement. 50 euros Calculate. However, if your dog is on the list, you may be subject to penalties. Hundreds of euros, up to the last four digits Get used to it. If the dog owner’s carelessness causes harm to humans, the dog may be prohibited from being kept.

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