May 21, 2024

director – Poisonous snakes have been spotted several times in Obersee since the beginning of May. Flensburg Once discovered, species-sniffing dogs are supposed to track down potentially dangerous reptiles.

The African python is considered to be very shy and, as its name suggests, lives primarily in trees and bushes. (Image example) © IMAGO /

A spokesperson for the state environment department told the German news agency on Wednesday. But before dogs can recognize the tracks, they first need to obtain an odor sample, such as skin or feces removed from the snake.

The first report of the snake was received by Flensburg police on May 6th. So a passerby spotted the animal in a meadow on the Jurschauer Weg in Effersee and took a photo.

Initial estimates from experts suggest the snake may be an African bark snake. This light green snake can grow up to 2 meters long and its bite can be life-threatening.

police report
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“This snake species has a venom that inhibits blood clotting and causes internal bleeding,” Jørn Krutgen, a snake expert at the Flintbeg cantonal environment agency, told NDR.

However, the chance of being bitten by a tree snake is very low. This snake is very shy and will only bite if touched.

One of the reasons police have issued an official warning to residents is: “If you see a snake, do not touch the animal under any circumstances and contact emergency services!”

We also recommend avoiding affected meadows, especially tall grass, and keeping your dog off-leash in this area.

A police spokesperson said it was still completely unclear how the animal got to Obersee. In particular, keeping venomous snakes is prohibited in the state of Schleswig-Holstein.

It is believed that the animal came to the Schleswig-Flensburg area through deliveries of supplies from abroad.

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