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Clooney, a male Alaskan malamute, was involved in a serious traffic accident near Gaislingen.
Clooney, a male Alaskan Malamute, was involved in a serious car accident near Gaislingen five years ago. © Jürgen Enenkel

Clooney, a male Alaskan Malamute, survived a horrific car accident five years ago. In an interview, the new owner spoke about Clooney’s current home and whether the four-legged friend would have the courage to get in a car again.

Aalen – In March 2019, Clooney, a male Alaskan Malamute, was sitting in the back seat of an Opel Corsa when he was involved in an accident on Federal Highway 10 near Geislingen an der Steige, Baden-Württemberg. However, safety was not ensured. The impact threw Clooney from the car and killed the driver, a 30-year-old friend of the car’s owner at the time. After the accident, Clooney crouched in fear on the side of the road and was supposed to be returned to his owners. But he didn’t want the male dog back, so he returned it to the breeder, who was devastated by the trauma of the accident. The trip ended at the Dreherhof animal shelter near Aalen.

Clooney the dog takes a rocky path to a happy new life

Animal shelter manager Hans Wagner remembers the story of the suffering of a male Alaskan malamute. “Clooney came to Dreherhof in 2019 after all other animal shelters refused to adopt him.” Background: Animals that are found are usually handed over to animal shelters in the same district. In Clooney’s case, the animal shelter in the Göppingen district was responsible for adopting him, but the Dreherhof animal shelter in the Ostalb district was not.

Wagner was worried about whether she would be able to bring such a large dog home after the accident. “It’s often difficult to find a good and appropriate final resting place for a dog, especially when it’s a large and traumatized dog like Clooney.” Wagner also said Clooney never had a place to go. He said he did not want to enter. He didn’t go for walks and avoided contact with other dogs.

Clooney’s extreme fear of cars made the placement even more difficult as he would not allow himself to travel by car without anesthesia. Anyway, when Clooney moved on, it was a very special handover. Terrified, Clooney had to walk about 8 miles before being handed over to her new owners. “In all my time at the animal shelter, there was never a handover on foot,” Wagner laughs. In the end, the march was worth it for everyone involved. Because his new home awaited the anxious male dog.

After undergoing rigorous training, the male dog was once again successfully transported in a minibus.
After undergoing rigorous training, the male dog was once again successfully transported in a minibus. © Jürgen Enenkel

In the interview: Here’s how Clooney, a male Alaskan Malamute, is doing today.

But who was Clooney’s new owner to take on the job? My name is Jürgen Enenkel, a volunteer dog walker from Hüttlingen.

Hello Mr. Enenker, first and most important question. What about Clooney?

“Clooney is fine! He reached my family and me.”

What condition was Clooney in at the animal shelter after the accident, and what did you have to work on the most with him?

“He wouldn’t allow himself to be petted at first. It was difficult to even let him out of his kennel. He also had problems with other dogs. When he went on runs for training, It got difficult when other dogs passed by. But Clooney is greedy, so over time I got better with treats. That sometimes made training easier (lol).

Hans Wagner, the animal shelter’s manager, explained that the dog could not be transported by car. Is this still working? How did you manage it?

“It was a combination of my job at the shelter and my job. While Hans Wagner was practicing with Clooney at the animal shelter, I continued to train as well. Things have been going pretty well lately. The problem is getting in and out of the car.Even if Clooney didn’t want to, he couldn’t just put his 55 kg dog in the car, so the secret was food. We get food, so we have to get in the car to eat, and it worked.”

What does Clooney enjoy most about his daily life?

“At first, Clooney stayed in the apartment a lot, but after about three months he started wanting to go outside in the garden more and more often. So we built a high fence in the garden and built a dog house. This was provided to Clooney by the Dreherhof animal shelter. He goes out to the garden around 9 o’clock every night and returns to the apartment in the morning. Clooney can now do whatever he wants. became his.”

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