May 20, 2024

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The love that pets show us is priceless. However, the issue of cost is not important. Many things happen in an animal’s life. Time to get some cash.

A beagle dog is sleeping sideways on a gray sofa.
1/10Dogs are one of the most popular pets. Expenses like vet visits, health insurance, surgical insurance, food costs, and dog taxes are especially visible in your wallet. Large dogs eat more than small dogs, but they usually don’t live as long. If the average lifespan is 10 years, the total cost of a man’s best friend is around 14,400 euros. © IMAGO/imageBROKER
A tabby cat is lying sideways on the table and licking its nose.
2/10Cats are the absolute leader in popularity among pets. Pedigree cats are much more expensive than commercial cats or animals from animal shelters. But the things cat owners spend the most money on are food, vet or health and surgical insurance for their four-legged friends, and cat litter. The cost of a cat for 15 years is just under 16,000 euros. © IMAGO/Cavan Images
A black horse runs through the meadow.
3/10It’s no secret that horses are expensive. Acquisition costs alone are huge, averaging 8,000 euros. However, the majority of operating costs are stable rent, veterinary fees, health insurance, and surgical insurance. Basic equipment for horses is also expensive. A new saddle alone can cost him more than 2,000 euros. Horses also tend to age, with an average age of 20 years. His lifetime costs amount to approximately 150,000 euros. © IMAGO / Panther Media
A light brown rabbit with floppy ears is sitting on a green carpet and eating leaves.
4/10Never underestimate the cost of a rabbit. Fresh food, bedding, and vet costs make up the bulk of the final total. However, rabbits require large enclosures, and the initial equipment is expensive. The bottom line is that the cost to the owner of a rabbit that lives up to 8 years is 12,300 euros. You should never keep just one rabbit, so the cost of a second rabbit will be added. On the blog, he calculates that for two horses he will cost 18,000 euros. © IMAGO/Panther Media
A tricolored guinea pig is sitting in the grass.
5/10Like rabbits, guinea pigs require a large enclosure with clean bedding and fresh food each day. This is reflected in the owner’s wallet. The average lifespan is 7 years, and the price of this pet is approximately 8,500 euros. Guinea pigs also like to live with at least two people. The blog estimates that for two she will cost 10,000 euros. © IMAGO/Depositphotos
A Djungarian dwarf hamster is sitting next to a colorful exercise bike.
6/10Hamsters are one of the cheaper pets, but that doesn’t mean they’re less demanding. They need a large enclosure with lots of burrowing and hiding places and fresh food daily. These items make up the majority of the owner’s costs. Hamsters live on average to 3 years old. The cost during this period is approximately 1,600 euros. © IMAGO/Dreamstime
Two yellow budgies are sitting side by side on a branch.
7/10People who keep birds as pets must provide them with sufficient space. An aviary in which animals can fly a certain distance costs more than 400 euros. In fact, food and bedding make up the majority of a bird’s lifetime costs. For example, a budgie lives up to 8 years old, during which time it costs the owner 3,300 euros. Budgies should never live alone, so a second animal comes at an additional cost. © IMAGO/imageBROKER
A ball python is lying on a log.
8/10Snakes are definitely one of the most exotic pets, and they are very popular among hobbyists. In particular, the electricity bill for running a terrarium can be calculated at around 10 euros per month. But the most expensive food is an elegant reptile that eats small mammals and birds. For example, a ball python lives up to 10 years, and its price during this period is about 5,600 euros. © IMAGO/imageBROKER
An orange goldfish swims in the aquarium.
9/10Those who decide to keep fish as pets have to dig deep into their pockets to find a suitable aquarium. Depending on the number of fish you want to keep, it will cost you more than 200 euros in addition to the initial equipment. Goldfish can easily live for more than 10 years. His owner pays about 3,500 euros for this. However, since you usually keep multiple fish in an aquarium, the cost of additional fish adds up. © IMAGO/imageBROKER
A white mouse is poking its head out of a cardboard tube.
10/10Mice are becoming increasingly popular in the pet scene. Proper enclosure plays an important role in housing animals. This is because rats require a lot of space to run, climb, and burrow compared to their small body size. But the most expensive thing is food for small rodents. Expect to spend around 30 euros a month on food and bedding. Rats have a lifespan of three years and cost their owners around 1,600 euros. Additional animals come at an additional cost as they prefer to live in small groups. © IMAGO/imageBROKER

Pets cost money. The first thing that comes to mind is, of course, the cost of acquisition. But in reality, they are only a small part of the bill. Rather, the largest expense over an animal’s lifetime is ongoing expenses such as veterinary visits, food, equipment, and, if necessary, insurance and taxes.

How much an animal costs over its lifetime also depends on its size and life expectancy. It is also important that the animal remains healthy and whether it requires medication or regular treatment. Showing the prices of the 10 most popular pets. This is a rough calculation. You can spend less or more on animals.

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