May 20, 2024

Our furry friends with floppy ears look especially cute. This time, we will introduce 10 types of cute dog breeds with long ears.

Ears are straight, floppy, or in a slanted position. Ears have a huge impact on the appearance of our beloved furry friends. Lop-eared ears are a special shape of ears that are narrow at the top and widen towards the bottom. Dogs with floppy ears cannot readily see the pinna or ear canal. Many dogs have excellent hearing and are often used as hunting and tracking dogs. There are large and small dog breeds with floppy ears, as listed below.

afghan hound

From a purely cosmetic standpoint, the Afghan Hound probably has the most beautiful floppy ears. Its long eavesdropping is as wonderful as its hairy, fine flowing fur. These hunting and companion dogs are friendly by nature, but reserved towards strangers.

afghan houndafghan hound
The Afghan Hound’s ears look very elegant. (© pixabay/Elisabetta Bellomi)

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american foxhound

The American Foxhound has an elegant yet powerful physique. Highly energetic and athletic, this adaptable four-legged friend was often used as a hunting dog in the past. American Foxhounds require a lot of exercise to stay healthy, making them a good choice for dog owners who like to exercise.

american foxhoundamerican foxhound
The American Foxhound is an energetic dog with a lot of stamina. (© pixabay/giovannistrapazzon)

basset hound

Basset Hounds have long, floppy ears that make them look a little sad at first. Despite this, this little snout has a really cheerful nature and is more relaxed than most other dog breeds. As cute companions to animals, bassets love to sleep, smell, and eat a lot. You should pay attention to the diet of your four-legged friend, as the latter are prone to obesity.

Basset Hounds are beloved for their sniffling and prominent floppy ears. (© pixabay/AlbanyColley)


Beagles not only look cute with their floppy ears, but they also have a kind and affectionate personality. This makes this gentle breed ideal for families with children. Additionally, Beagles like to learn new things and have a strong hunting instinct, so they can be easily trained in dog sports and other fields.

Beagles are smart and active. (©Nick115)


Despite the floppy ears, this large dog looks frightening at first glance. As a matter of fact, sniffer dogs have a very friendly nature, which is why they get along well with children and adults. If you want to raise a cute floppy-eared bloodhound, you’ll need plenty of space and time.

This very old breed of dog with floppy ears has an excellent sense of smell. (©vlaaitje)

cavalier king charles spaniel

This little four-legged friend has spotted fur and looks very graceful with floppy ears. At the same time, his hairy ears look very cute and fluffy. Matching their floppy ears, the King Charles Spaniel is one of the most cuddly breeds.

cavalier king charles spanielcavalier king charles spaniel
Cavalier King Charles Spaniels have cute little ears and love to cuddle. (© pixabay/Bruno)

cocker spaniel

The Cocker Spaniel is another dog with floppy ears. They are approximately 40 centimeters tall and fall into the category of small dogs. The ears are long and furry. Note: This breed is prone to ear infections, so you’ll need to clean and check your eavesdroppers regularly. By nature, Cocker Spaniels are friendly, gentle, and adaptable.

cocker spanielcocker spaniel
Cocker Spaniels have very noticeable hairy floppy ears. (© pixabay/vlaaitje)


A short-legged dachshund with cute floppy ears. But don’t be fooled by its cute appearance. Dachshunds are very cheeky and stubborn and like to get their way. On the other hand, this floppy-eared four-legged friend of hers is incredibly affectionate and can cuddle with her owner all day long.

Despite the wiretapping hanging around, the cute dachshund has it all. (©pixabay/pabloasc)

golden retriever

The characteristics of the Golden Retriever are as follows: golden fur and soft floppy ears. Additionally, this breed is very affectionate, making it an ideal family dog.

golden retrievergolden retriever
One of the most popular floppy-eared four-legged friends is the Golden Retriever. (© pixabay/Andre-h)

irish red setter

The Irish Red Setter has hairy floppy ears. Due to their active nature, they are very active. Suitable for active dog owners with large homes and gardens. However, please be careful. Cute dogs with floppy ears like to have a mind of their own and require consistent training with lots of love.

irish red setterirish red setter
The Irish Red Setter is intelligent and tenacious, and was bred for hunting. (© pixabay/mr_incognito)

As you can see, there are many cute dog breeds with floppy ears. Their floppy ears make them look cute, adorable, and friendly. Some of these dog breeds are very gentle in nature, while others can be a little stubborn and stubborn.

Can you tell me if you can recognize these dog breeds in just one photo?

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