May 27, 2024


new yorkToy Poodle Legend: This dog is said to be the most beautiful dog

A toy poodle has won the top prize at America’s most prestigious dog show. The animal, named Sage, beat out six other finalists.

  • Sage, a toy poodle, was named America’s Best Show Dog in New York.

  • His handlers have been participating in dog competitions for 45 years.

  • Second place was a German Shepherd.

A toy poodle has won the top prize at America’s most prestigious dog show. The animal, named Sage, won the Best Show Dog award on Tuesday (local time) at the Westminster Kennel Club of New York contest.

The dog show was also a farewell day for Sage supervisor Kazu Hosaka, who has been involved in such competitions for 45 years. Hosaka said, “He will now retire.” He was happy and excited to finish with a win. The last time Spice, a toy poodle, won this award was in 2002, also under Hosaka’s care.

Overall, this was the 11th success for Westminster’s poodles of various sizes. Only the wire-haired fox terrier won more often.

2nd place was German Shepherd

Sage defeated six other finalists. Second place went to German shepherd Mercedes, whose handler Kent Boyles has also cared for past Best in Show winners.

Other finalists include Comet, a Shih Tzu who won last year’s Major American Kennel Club National Championship, Monty, a Giant Schnauzer, who came to Westminster as the nation’s top-ranked dog, Louis, an Afghan Hound, and Mika, a Black Cocker Spaniel. It was , and Frankie, a colored bull terrier.

Sage’s performance was briefly interrupted by protests against dog breeders. Police and animal rights group Peta said three protesters had been arrested.

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