May 27, 2024

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Dogs are considered man’s best friend. Researchers have made a surprising discovery. Another faithful companion lived by his side.

During excavations in Patagonia, Argentina, archaeologists made an interesting discovery. A dead fox was found in a grave next to a group of people. Researchers believe there may have once been a strong bond between humans and foxes. This now extinct species may have served as a dog about 1,500 years ago.

Burmeister foxes are said to have been faithful companions of hunter-gatherers.

A fox in the sunset.
According to researchers, foxes were considered to be man’s best friend than dogs. (Iconic image) © Wirestock/Imago

Archaeologists around the doctor. Ophelie Lebrusser examined the animal’s skeleton and discovered it was a Dusillon avus, also known as the Burmeister fox. They wondered why it was in the grave, what it had to do with South American hunter-gatherers, and whether it was their pet. They presented their findings in a recently published study.

humans and foxes shared food

“There are several factors that led to foxes being classified as companions or pets rather than as part of the human diet.” It turns out the four-legged friend didn’t have any cuts. This suggests that it was not used for hunting or food. Rather, this unusual find suggests that he was very close to the people and had important meaning to them. His diet was similar to that of a hunter. He was fed by them or fed by eating their leftovers.

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Researchers say the fox weighed about 10 to 15 kilograms, making it more similar to a medium-sized dog than the fox we know today. According to records, it became extinct about 500 years ago. However, the reason is not entirely clear. According to one theory, the migration of domestic dogs about 700 to 900 years ago may have been the cause of their extinction. This time of year, more people may be choosing dogs as their best friends.

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