May 21, 2024

Contact with family members contributes to this

Ingersheim-based advertising agency The Eighth Commandment maintains a family atmosphere, says managing director Britta Krumlein Ernst.

“An employee asked me if I could take my dog ​​with me all the time.” Office dog Lily has been part of the team since 2019, but we already had an office dog before. . “Lily is a former stray dog ​​and her owners initially thought she would be able to spend the day alone at home. But that didn’t work out, so we decided to let her take her dog. I gave permission,” says Kramlein-Ernst.

At first he was nervous and scared, but gradually he started to open up to the people around him. “She knows and loves all of her employees now, and she is friendly to everyone,” she says. It is also important for advertising agencies to pay attention to separate office areas for animals or hiding places on different floors. The owner takes care of all her needs, but Lily also has a substitute caregiver. By the way, walking the company dog ​​does not count as working hours. “Joint lunchtime excursions have become the norm for many people to participate,” says Kramlein-Ernst. As a rule, dogs in the office are viewed positively. “Suitability for daily work largely depends on the personality and upbringing of the owner. It is important to have clear rules for everyone.”

Spatial area for each dog

In an advertising agency, two dogs were part of the team at the same time, each with their own spatial area. The owners agreed on how to live together. “As long as a quiet, conflict-free working environment is guaranteed and the people there don’t feel unsafe, it’s fine for the company.”

SP Hausverwaltung in Ludwigsburg also has two office dogs, according to managing director Sarah Palmer. There are no special requirements. “Of course, the dogs must not have any contagious diseases, must not bite people and must be insured.” Soft boxes are provided for the animals to relax without bothering anyone. ” she explains. Palmer said she would also be a good fit for a dog from an animal shelter. She said: “It may take a little more time for them to get used to it, but they are very appreciative and capable of learning.”

Colleagues sometimes intervene

Everyone takes care of their own dog, with co-workers stepping in if necessary, as long as there is an appointment. “Anyone can bring a dog if they have the space.” Dogs are an enriching part of our employees’ lives, and the relationship between dog and owner becomes stronger as they spend all of their daily lives together. “The positive energy that dogs give off also affects the atmosphere at work,” reports the managing director.

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