May 21, 2024

You know those online quizzes that ask you some absurd questions to find out which type of bread or character you’d be from your favorite series? Astro expert Astrobellaluna takes a similarly funny approach to the topic on TikTok I am incorporating constellations and dogs in. Her video tells you all about her 12 signs of the zodiac and which signs share traits with which dog breeds. Full of curiosity?

Zodiac sign as a dog: Which dog breed are you similar to?

This isn’t science, but it’s pretty funny how Bella depicts the zodiac sign as a dog. According to your zodiac sign, are you a companion dog like a pug or a highly underrated fighting dog? Bella has her doubts. Alright, let’s go:

Capricorn The German Shepherd is a hard-working and loyal working dog. Of all breeds, these are the most commonly used dogs.

German Shepherd under a white blanket.
photograph: Shutterstock/Corniva Cristina

a Aquarius It looks very strange and at the same time very cute, very similar to a bull terrier.

fish Pomeranians are mentally poor and physically lazy, but very loving and caring.

A woman cuddling with a dog
photograph: IMAGO images / Westend61

Chihuahua, pug, bulldog – it reveals your zodiac sign

Aries Because Chihuahua destroys everything on the street and confuses everyone.

trail is an English Bulldog who loves to sleep all day and fill his stomach. Additionally, caring for these dogs is expensive.

twins They are similar to Yorkshire Terriers in that they bark excessively and are overly curious, especially when it comes to food.

of sign Krebs Because pugs always look a little sad and are very affectionate.

The zodiac sign is Leo It’s an Afghan Hound, look at that mane. Confidence comes naturally. This dog knows he’s a star.

virgin As you know, Border Collies are herding dogs. They live to serve. They feed your sheep for free and expect nothing in return.

woman smiling at dog
photograph: IMAGO Image / Addictive Stock

scale is Bichon FrizeBecause they are bred to please everyone and always need to look their best before leaving the house.

scorpions Because pit bulls are deep and often very misunderstood.

if protect-You are most similar to a husky. Look at this guy, he’s ready for adventure!

You can see Bella’s TikTok on this topic here:

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Comparing constellations with humor

It’s interesting to see how the characteristics of zodiac signs are transmitted to different dogs. Maybe you have met one of these dogs? Astrology looks at the positions of the celestial bodies at the time of your birth and interprets them to predict personality traits and characteristics. These interpretations are very diverse and are based on centuries of traditions and traditions.

It is important to note that astrology is not scientifically proven and should be viewed as a fun way of self-awareness.

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