May 27, 2024

At an animal shelter in Gifhorn, employees are refusing to let go of the souls of two animals. They continue to stand up for their four-legged friends because they don’t want to accept the dog’s fate.

Giving up is not an option until we can help them. Gifhorn Animal Shelter wants to do everything possible.

Giffhorn Animal Shelter: Still finding what you’re looking for?

Slowly but surely, both dogs are moving toward the end of their lives. The two “dear pensioners” at Gifhorn Animal Shelter have already spent most of their lives with them, which is why the Animal Protection Society posted on Facebook: “We are urgently looking for a home for this dog Pino!” he called out. And Raiko.

“We don’t want to give up and accept that Pino and Raiko will have to spend the rest of their lives in an animal shelter!” wrote animal rights activists on Facebook. The foster home must be suitable for her two animals. “We are looking for a foster home where the two of them can enjoy a relaxing retirement without other animals or small children.”

Gifhorn Animal Shelter: Other assistance available

You don’t need too much space. “The house should be his one-story building with a small garden. They have no further demands. They also want the animal shelter to “cover all costs” so they can avoid potential We would like to accommodate foster parents. ” There are other ways to help retired dogs.

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The post states that “financial assistance for two or other troubled children” is a great help and is always needed. If you would like to help or find out more about them, please send an email to or phone number 05374-4434.

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Other animals are in the same situation as Pino and Reiko, and many animals at animal shelters are looking for homes. Monetary and material donations are a great help to local animal shelters.

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