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DDogs are considered man’s best friend for thousands of years. Archaeologists have been able to prove that Stone Age people walked their dogs, and a mosaic in the Roman city of Pompeii, destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, has the words “Cave Canem” (Beware of Dogs). It depicts a carved guard dog.

One of the best known and most popular dog breeds today is the German Shepherd. Its worldwide success story began on April 22, 1899, at a dog exhibition in Karlsruhe. At that time, the Prussian officer Max Emil Friedrich von Stephanitz showed his male dog “Holland von Grafrath”. Officially the first German Shepherd, Stefanitz spent years breeding capable herding dogs in his attic in Württemberg, Thuringia. Alsace. To date, “Holland” has well over 2 million purebred descendants of his.

The “blueprint” Stefanitz developed still applies to them. Depending on gender, German Shepherd dogs must be 55 to 65 centimeters tall, have a dense coat with an undercoat, “strong muscles”, erect ears and tail (tail). . The “breed standard”, which includes dozens of points, also specifies the proportions of the legs. “Our German Shepherd is a true German,” wrote Max von Stephanitz in a 1921 essay.

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The German Shepherd Dog Association of Augsburg keeps close records of this. On the day of the first presentation, Stefanitz and several of his colleagues founded the association. The Society continues to look after the breed to this day and, according to its own statement, is now the largest pedigree dog breeding society in the world.

“He is intelligent, eager to learn, and enthusiastic about his work as a police service dog, herding dog, and rescue dog,” said Barbara Ulrich-Cornat of the German Shepherd Association. Talk about the benefits of Additionally, this four-legged companion makes an excellent family dog ​​if well trained and exercised.

For 125 years, people have used German Shepherd dogs for a variety of activities. During the world wars, animals were sent across minefields to carry messages beyond enemy lines. Approximately 200,000 German Shepherds served in the Armed Forces. During the partition of Germany, they stood on both sides of the border.

Wilhelm II and family, dog, 1930s

Wilhelm II and family, dog, 1930s

Quelle: Photography Alliance/Everett Collection/Courtesy of Everett Collection

And this animal found many lovers in his private environment, including various powerful people of the world. The last German emperor, Wilhelm II, went into exile, taking his German shepherd (and dachshund) with him. In the Weimar Republic, Imperial President Paul von Hindenburg was often photographed with a German shepherd.

During the Nazi dictatorship, the “leaders'” preference for German Shepherds was widely exploited by propaganda. On Adolf Hitler’s 33rd birthday on April 20, 1922, about 30 National Socialists gathered to acquire a young German Shepherd. Hitler was happy and called the animal “wolf” and spent a lot of time with him from then on.

In 1928, when Wolf had to be euthanized, Hitler’s bodyguard Ulrich Graf gave him another animal, a black German shepherd named “Mac”, which was soon shared with Hitler’s photographer Heinrich Graf. It was included in a propaganda message staged by Hoffman. In the 1930s, Mook lived primarily in the Obersalzberg in Berchtesgaden. When the animal appeared to have died of old age, Hitler was devastated and refused the offer of a new dog as a gift.

Adolf Hitler and German Shepherd Mack (undated photo)

Adolf Hitler and German Shepherd Mack (undated photo)

Query: Picture Alliance/DPA/UPI

In early 1942, the dictator’s mood worsened, but this was of course mainly due to the poor development of the war. His inner circle was so distressed by this that they worked together to find a solution. A particularly beautiful female dog was chosen and given to Hitler, who named him “Blondie”.

Joseph Goebbels recorded the results as follows: “The Führer is in a good mood and exudes energy and vitality.” The Minister of Propaganda clearly cites the reason in his diary – namely Blondie. “I like walking with this dog because I’m sure that just by being with him, he won’t start talking about war or politics.”

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de Bry, Balboa throws to the Indians a dog Bligh, Theodor de.  1528-1598. "Valboa accuses many Indians of committing the crime of sodomy.for the dogs".  (Vasco Nuñez de Balboa) Copperplate, col., illustration: H. Benzoni, History of (..) India (...). Location: America pars quarta, Frankfurt, 1594. His fourth book of Dobry's travelogues. Girolamo Benzoni's travels to America 1541/56.

Blondie became a central figure in Nazi propaganda during the last two years of the war. His owner and his four-legged friend appeared repeatedly in newsreels, and the German Shepherd was a symbol of the “private” Hitler. In the end, the dictator had the animal poisoned with the same kind of capsule he had tried to kill himself with. In 1945, the bones of two German shepherds lay in the hole where Adolf and Eva Hitler were burned. In addition to Blondie, it was probably her puppy, which Hitler also named “Wolf” as in 1922.

In the early 1970s, in the Federal Republic, the German shepherd of the future “Unification Chancellor” Helmut Kohl (then Prime Minister of Rhineland-Palatinate) was so well-trained that he would shout whenever a Social Democrat’s name was mentioned. It was reported that he was making a growling noise. . However, Mr. Cole denied this on a 1975 talk show, jokingly mentioning to the group that the animal, which has since died, was “a particularly intelligent dog, a German Shepherd” and could therefore be distinguished. He “reached the honorable age of thirteen.”

sometimes brisk

Recently, another world-famous dog owned by a handler showed that German shepherds are not always docile and obedient, but instead follow their animal instincts to bite. US President Joe Biden’s German Shepherd commander had to be expelled from the White House in October 2023 following a series of biting attacks on security guards and other staff.

The animal attacked Secret Service agents at least 10 times between October 2022 and January 2023. In one case, the affected person had to go to the hospital. Commander was Biden’s second dog to garner attention for his rude behavior. Previously, another German Shepherd named Major was similarly naughty and aggressive.

In Germany, authorities have repeatedly had to deal with aggressive German shepherds and mixed breeds. The state government of North Rhine-Westphalia has kept statistics on such incidents for many years. A German shepherd is featured prominently there. In 2022, a total of 907 bite incidents resulting in injury were recorded in the state. “German Shepherds were the most prominent dog breed, with a total of 122 incidents,” the latest annual report said.

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Ulrich Kornat of the German Shepherd Association points out that German shepherds and German shepherd mixes make up the largest proportion of the large dog group. Other German Shepherd breeds are also included in the biting statistics, she says. A club spokesperson points out that the dogs definitely need training. This will reduce the chance of animal bites.

Some people prefer to avoid German Shepherds because they can bite (like other dog breeds). Despite this, there are still many fans of animals. The German Shepherd Association compares its headquarters in Augsburg to a medium-sized company. There, about 40 employees look after about 1,800 local groups nationwide with more than 50,000 members. The World Federation of German Shepherd Clubs has more than 500,000 members.

According to the German Dog Association’s puppy statistics, German Shepherds remain in the top spot, ahead of Dachshunds. Between 2008 and 2022, the number of young animals almost halved to about 8,400, while the number of dachshund puppies remained roughly stable at about 6,000 per year. The German Shepherd Association speculates that this decline may be due to a significant increase in breeding costs. Veterinarian fees and dog taxes have also increased.

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Veterinarians say veterinary bills for German Shepherds in particular can be high because German Shepherds are prone to certain diseases. Sabrina Carle, a behavioral biologist at the animal welfare foundation Four Paws, said that German shepherds have been bred to have steeply sloping backs and hips, making it difficult for some animals to walk normally. It is criticized that there are As a result, various problems arise. She said: “Some dogs are in such extreme pain that a permanent pain-free life is not possible for them.”

Karl said many pedigree dogs are bred for human benefit, and as a result it is common for them to suffer from pain and strain. Animal rights activists are calling on breeders to reconsider and take action. When breeding, you should focus first on the animal’s health, and not on its appearance.

The German Shepherd Association emphasizes that the association has had a procedure in place since 1966 to test dogs for so-called hip dysplasia (HD). As a result, the proportion of German Shepherd dogs with moderate and severe HD has “significantly decreased” from 27 percent initially to 2 percent today.

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