May 18, 2024

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elding dog tax
Fighting dogs must be leashed at all times. (Iconic image) © dpa Picture-Alliance / Adam Lawrence

The local council of Putzbrunner has issued new regulations regarding dogs. Fighting dogs must be leashed at all times.

Putzbrunn – Putzbrunn’s local councilors debated for a long time in the main committee and in the local council what constitutes a “big dog”. On which streets are leashes required? Where are they not? Which dog should I put on a leash? In the end, we came to a small compromise. This means that fighting dogs are the only dogs that need to be on a leash everywhere.

The city’s current dog ordinance has been in effect since February 1994. For legal reasons, the requirements have changed and it must be revised and republished. This was debated for a long time in key committees. How tall is a dog “big”, starting from 45 centimeters or just 50 centimeters? Can there be a general leash requirement for all dogs, regardless of size? On which streets and in which residential areas does a leash requirement apply and where does it not? So, how long should a leash be? Should it be 3 meters or 2.10 meters?

“All or nothing needs to be strung together.”

Local lawmaker Doris Boehm (Green Party) had submitted an application to include the northern footpath of Neubiberger Strasse, which would be exempt from the leash requirement under the government’s plans. This application, as well as that of Maria Feiner (CSU), was rejected, stating that all dog owners must be able to “control” their dogs outside the leash area. A proposal by Robert Beck (GPP) to essentially exclude large dogs from the new regulations also failed to gain a majority.

Opinions were divided in the committee, and controversy continued in local assemblies. Mr Beck immediately submitted a request for leash requirements to apply to all playgrounds in the area, stating: “I also request that the maximum length of all dog fighting leashes be 2.10 metres.” . Alphonse Messner (CSU) said his dog was 54 centimeters tall and yet perfectly well behaved. “Small terriers and pinschers are often very aggressive, so I either require everyone on a leash or everyone on a leash.”

Do cats have to be kept on a leash?

Gerhard Fink (SPD) even demanded that all cats be kept on leashes because “cats poop in every play area.” Joseph Jacob (FWG) was frustrated about the roads and areas that the new leash regulations should apply to, according to the administration. “Some places have driveways and access to farmland, but others don’t. I don’t understand where the logic is.” It does not apply to facilities.”

After a heated debate, Beck and Eduard Borger (CSU) submitted a proposal that would require only fighting dogs to be kept on leads throughout the municipality. All other dogs do not need to be on a leash. The motion was accepted 12-6 with CSU, GPP, FWG and FDP in favor.

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