May 20, 2024

Every week, many animal lovers sit in front of their television sets and watch the WDR show Animals Looking for Homes. I hope he finds a four-legged friend to give him a better life.

The latest protagonist is Taiga, a dog from the Duisburg animal shelter. The 2-year-old dog has lived in the district town since February 2023. The way WDR describes the female Staffordshire Terrier’s personality, it actually all sounds like a dream dog, but there’s a big problem that can’t be ignored.

Duisburg dog looking for new owner

Taiga had to be taken to an animal shelter in Duisburg because he was not fully vaccinated against rabies. The previous owners kept them permanently in the apartment, with virtually no contact with the outside world. And without vaccination, the situation at the animal shelter could not have gotten any better, as Taiga would have had to be quarantined first. “As a result, the formative years of her life were profoundly affected,” WDR said.

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But despite this tragic start to life, this dog has plenty of love to give. Although he is a very sweet dog, he can sometimes show his stubborn side. ”

When Taiga meets a young male dog, she becomes especially interested. She can also be taken for walks with dog groups. Taiga will ignore her fellow dogs if none of them insult her, but if someone bullies her, she will immediately join in.

But then what’s the problem?

Does the taiga have to be muzzled?

Taiga, as a Staffordshire Terrier, is known as a wrist dog. Depending on the federal state and relevant state dog laws, taigas must wear a muzzle. Taiga would be relieved of this strict obligation by taking a “personality test,” but WDR says Taiga’s current condition means he has no hope of passing the test.

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“Taigas are not dangerous or aggressive in any way; they just didn’t learn to find solutions to problems as puppies,” says WDR. “It is very difficult to influence her, because if something displeases her, she resists. A smart taiga is accustomed to familiar situations and does not like to leave its comfort zone If you try to do something unknown, people will quickly see through your plan and become uncooperative.”

Hopes that Taiga will still find a new loving home disappear in the end.

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