May 21, 2024

A few days ago, there was a dog drama in Duisburg that prompted the call of the fire brigade. On Tuesday (May 7), a dog fell into the canal between Lake Böler and Lake Wambach and was swept away by the water’s suction (DER WESTEN reports).

The dog and his owner had to endure hellish pain until the fire department brought the four-legged friend safely back to land. But after his surgery, in addition to praise for the emergency services, there was also criticism of the city of Duisburg. DER WESTEN is now confronting the city with the matter and getting answers.

Dog sucked into Duisburg canal

It was almost a miracle. Hours later, fire department divers found the four-legged friend suffering in a side ditch and were able to bring him back into daylight. Both dogs were overjoyed when they returned to their owners.

But now that happiness is mixed with new fear and anger. When the city shared a video of the rescue operation on Facebook, it received many comments from angry citizens pointing to the dangerous area (>>Click here for video). Therefore, this has been known for a long time.

The Dog of Duisburg: Criticism after the incident

“The suction power is on the shore,” the owner himself reports in the comments. “Anyone who dangles a leg in the water or lets a child splash in the water will probably experience the same thing. And it could mean the fate of her precious four-legged friend. “And it’s not far from the playground,” she continued to complain. “That can’t happen.”

Other Facebook users also believe her dog was not the first to be involved. You’re talking about danger to dogs and children, so you ask, “Can this section of the canal be made safe, for example with a gate?” We also asked the city about this.

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The answer comes from the business side. “Due to the high water level in Sechs-Zene Platte, the valve leading water to Haubach is open. This could create a pull effect, so a solution is already being explored.” A barrier in front of the pipe and information signs should be placed in the area.

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