May 27, 2024

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Has my dog ​​crossed the line? Or did I fail?


Life coach and personal trainer: Jack Life coach and personal trainer: Jack

Life coach and personal trainer: Jack

Them: Adriano Sac

It wasn’t a real bite. A few weeks ago, our author was pinched in the knee by his dog. Only in retrospect do we understand why Jack did what he did. And how will he react in the future?

WIf the videos my dog ​​boarding operator Carlo sends me on a regular basis are to be believed, Jack’s admiration for me is limitless. As he races furiously from left to right and vice versa across a soccer field-sized field outside Rome, it’s clearly difficult for a cell phone camera to follow him, and he never jumps off the screen.

Other dogs, bigger, stronger, smaller, it doesn’t matter, chase him and be chased, sniffing in between. But don’t make it too long!

“Come on, guys, chase me now!”, “Catch me”, “Just go right, behind the bushes there might be a delicious looking rabbit waiting for a snack, and there’s also a pack of dangerous wolves. Maybe we should scare him together.”In any case, his encouraging commands in dog language must be similar.

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Column “Living with Jack”

Maybe it’s just my loving gaze, but Jack in these short films reminds me of record-breaking skier Rosi Mittermeier. At the beginning of the season, my brother and I were enthusiastically doing ski gymnastics in front of the TV. For those who are contagious and exercise is not painful, exercise is a must, but as natural as breathing. It seems to me that when Jack is in a group, his pulse is either much lower or much higher. Let’s see if we can make this work for a joint fitness trip. There he sometimes appears to be coughing up phlegm. However, you must accept that other dogs, no matter how devoted, are more stimulating than your two-legged friends.

Training with Jack goes even deeper

Anyway, I have to clarify something first. A few weeks ago, the night before I said goodbye to Jack, one of the dogs caused Jack’s bad mood again. He growled and tugged on the leash, and when I tried to move him away from him, he pinched my knee in anger and confusion. I didn’t even check later to see if there was a bruise because it wasn’t a real bite. But at that moment, I knew he had crossed an important line. I barked at him and made him sit many times and I have kept the leash extremely short ever since and my voice has remained cold and short. I sent him to bed as he rolled around on the fluffy carpet of his home, his favorite spot. In short, I wanted to be really strict. And ever since then, I’ve felt very bad about failing.

If I interpret the boarding video correctly, Jack is a dog that needs exercise and dominance, but he also gets along well with other dogs. Therefore, if they become aggressive on a leash, they will feel threatened or fearful and lose control. It’s actually clear what my job as a boss is. It’s about doing what he can’t do in moments like this – staying calm. Training with Jack goes deeper than just running a few laps together.

“My Life with Jack” – Dog Column:

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