May 21, 2024

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Small dogs, medium dogs, large dogs – these are the categories of man’s best friends. The life expectancy of the animal also depends on this.

A dog is lying on the floor.
1/10According to a British study, the Caucasian Shepherd Dog has a very short lifespan, living for only 5.4 years. © Oleg Kopyov/Cavan Images/Imago
Wild spanish presa canario.
2/10According to a study commissioned by the Dog Trust, the average lifespan of the Spanish Presa Canario is approximately 7.7 years. © UIG/imago
Italian breed Cane Corso in the meadow.
3/10The Italian Cane Corso breed will be with you for an average of 8.1 years. © Anka Agency International/Imago
Puppy in the bag.
4/10You can see a French Bulldog puppy in the photo here. British researchers say the animals have an average lifespan of about 9.8 years. © Imagebroker/Imago
A woman gives a pug a raspberry.
5/10This breed suffers from breathing difficulties due to a shortened facial skull. British researchers say pugs have a lifespan of about 11.6 years. © Alena Haurylenka/Westend61/Imago
Three Labradors in one photo.
6/10Chocolate, light or dark – Labradors are one of the most popular dog breeds. Your four-legged friend will be by your side for about 13.1 years. Border collies will accompany their owners for just as long. ©Randy Hirschman/Superstock/Imago
small miniature dachshund.
7/10Small but mighty – British research shows that miniature dachshunds can stay by your side for about 14 years. © DRSG98/Shot Shop/Imago

Ein Shiba Inu.
8/10In the photo, the Shiba Inu appears to be smiling and enjoying life. There’s enough reason for fans of our four-legged friends to be happy too. You can live side by side with this breed for about 14.6 years. ©Shulman/Superstock/Imago
Tibetan spaniel is lying on the wall.
9/10This four-legged friend is taking a short lunch break here. The Tibetan Spaniel will be your faithful companion for about 15.2 years. © WireStock/Pond5 Images/Imago
Lancashire Healer is relaxing in the living room.
10/10A British study reported that the Lancashire Heeler is one of the longest-lived dog breeds. These dogs can live up to 15.4 years. ©Wirestock/Imago

When we ask ourselves how old a dog will be, we mainly talk about average values, since we cannot make an overall accurate prediction. Among other things, life expectancy varies depending on the dog’s breed, breeding, genetics, and size. However, we know that diet, care, environment, and amount of exercise also play a role.

Do small dogs live longer?That’s what can happen after all

A small dog grows up. Small dogs such as the Yorkshire Terrier live an average of 13 years, but with the right temperament and care, they can live up to 20 years. Because the Great Dane is much larger, the average lifespan of this breed is only around 8 years, despite proper care and a good temperament.

According to the portal, the average lifespan of a dog is 7 to 17 years. – However, there are outliers above and below. For example, the Portuguese Rafeiro do Alentejo, Bobi, is said to be around 31 years old. However, some veterinary experts question this information because it comes from the owners.

British study finds: A dog’s face shape is also important

Researchers at the Dog Trust have found that breed, size and facial shape are important for a dog’s long and healthy life. national geographic announced that data was collected from more than 580,000 four-legged friends for the study. These are from over 150 breeds and hybrids. The evaluation revealed that the average lifespan of a dog is 12.5 years. On average, women are slightly older (12.7 years) than men (12.4 years).

According to the study, medium-sized, flat-faced male dogs are particularly at risk for shortened dog lifespans.Inbred dogs with extremely short snouts also have a 40% increased risk of shortened lifespans. national geographic Taken from research.

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