May 27, 2024

Expectations are already high, not only among the organizing team but also among our four-legged friends. Recently, our furry friends were allowed to visit the outdoor pool area for a preview of the area. I saw a puddle and pulled on the leash a lot, but there was nothing there. Dogs are allowed into clean water, definitely only after the human season. And since last year’s premiere drew huge crowds, this year’s new edition should be able to do that over two days, Saturday and Sunday, September 28th and 29th. Even in the rain.

Dog swimming at Merkstein returns © Beatrix Aupres

Basically, all dogs can swim naturally. However, depending on their personality and physical characteristics, their urge to do so will vary, as will their masters. But there’s no doubt that many dogs enjoy swimming and splashing in the water. In addition, the cardiovascular system and fitness are strengthened, including a positive effect on the spine. Everything is the same as humans.

Looking forward to the second dog swimming event in Merkstein: the organizing team led by initiators Tina Rees and Mayor Benjamin Fadavian (3rd and 4th from left) Photo: Beatrix Aupres

However, in the northern region, there are very few opportunities to casually enjoy bathing animals. That’s why dog ​​owner Tina Rees came up with the idea of ​​opening up outdoor pools to dogs just before the onset of winter, and on her second attempt, she finally succeeded.

This year too, the organizing team has prepared everything with great care and bookings for socially suspicious dogs, puppies and anxious animals will once again be made separately. Special service: Owners are not allowed in the water with their animals, so this time the anglers will find the lost toys from the pool. Our experienced dog trainers are always on hand to provide important tips. To ensure everything goes smoothly again, i.e. no barking chaos in and around the pool, each animal is given a strict time frame upon registration. An online reservation program is currently under development.

Here the dog is swimming in the outdoor pool ©Video: Felker

Only dogs with pet liability insurance and valid vaccinations are admitted with an admission fee of 5 euros per dog. By participating, Visitor also agrees to the disclaimer of liability. According to the rules of use, this applies to intentionality or gross negligence. “Every dog ​​owner/owner is responsible for his dog and is liable for any damage caused thereby, even if the person responsible cannot be held responsible.” If not specified, the organizer The liability of the person, the city as the owner of the area, and the volunteers is excluded.

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By being aware of carefully crafted house rules and user rules, dog owners can protect their animals from infections, fever, inflammation, open wounds, skin diseases, heart failure, kidney disease, etc. I declare that I have no bladder problems, urinary or fecal incontinence. The female dog is not in heat. “If in doubt, consult your veterinarian before using an outdoor pool.”

In response to the requests of last year’s participants, they allowed participants to stay in the outdoor pool area after swimming. Another novelty is that all kinds of providers related to dogs and their owners are having fun with the stands featured on the site.

Either way, Tina Rees and her fellow campaigners can’t wait for the new edition. “I look forward to Christmas like a child!”

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