May 21, 2024

Troisdorf-Hund Despite Cooper being only four years old, he already has a lot of experience under his belt, and the four-legged friend arrived at the Troisdorf animal shelter a short time ago as an emergency. His carers are now hoping the furry friend can start a new life soon.

It’s not so easy to take good photos of Cooper. © Instagram/tierheim__troisdorf

It’s not easy to photograph Cooper without him goofing around. The Troisdorf animal rescue organization made this clear in her latest Instagram post, which introduced rescue animals to the animal shelter’s more than 23,000 Instagram fans.

“The photo is too sweet not to share,” animal rights groups wrote, along with a funny snapshot of Cooper sticking out his tongue and curling his nose.

However, this dog’s story was not very interesting. Because the dog, affectionately called Coupi by his handlers, has already been through a lot. “This child originally came from overseas, where certainly not much good happened to him, and he probably didn’t get to know each other very well,” the animal shelter explains on its website. , explained that it will take a while for this four-legged friend to form. Open your heart to people.

Dogs love swimming in the river. When I go swimming at home, I hear a lot of laughter.

But once he trusts people, the mix seems as “loose and light” as the recently released snapshot, which keepers described as “incredibly silly” and “in good spirits.” .

Coupi must find the right people so his furry friend can finally turn his back on the animal shelter!

When Cooper trusts someone, he proves to be goofy and hilarious. © Instagram/tierheim__troisdorf

This cute four-legged friend won’t say no to a small treat, appears adorable and playful to his owners, and doesn’t tug on the leash or react to other dogs.

“It’s definitely worth watching Coupi a second time and a third time. The first look is often not enough to understand who is actually standing in front of you.” The animal rescue group wrote, and they are looking for someone with experience owning a dog as a rescue dog.

Children, cats and small animals should not live in his new home.

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