May 27, 2024

Imagine you are on a mat in a yoga studio. You’re in a downward dog position, completely in the flow – and suddenly something licks your leg.That’s exactly what you can do puppy yoga happen! A new type of yoga that focuses on fluffy puppies is all the rage right now. But in addition to the many benefits, there is also an unfortunately dark side.

What is puppy yoga?

Puppy yoga, also known as dog yoga or doga, combines the relaxing and strengthening effects of yoga. positive energy from baby dog. The concept is simple. While you are doing yoga, the puppy will be around you and passively participate in the asana. They may walk under your hands, snuggle up to you as you pose, and even lick your feet or hands.

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Benefits of puppy yoga

Yoga itself has numerous benefits for both physical and mental health. You will become more flexible, your endurance will be strengthened, and your mental balance will be better. Puppy yoga has many benefits beyond just physical activity.

  1. Stress relief and relaxation: Just having a fluffy puppy, reduce stress Promotes the release of feel-good hormones such as endorphins. The dogs exude calm and contentment.
  2. Puppy socialization: Puppy yoga provides an opportunity for your puppy to get used to people and learn social interaction. At the same time, puppy yoga promotes understanding of animals and their needs.
  3. Support for animal welfare: Many of our Puppy Yoga classes work with animal shelters and rescue organizations to target puppies up for adoption. They often (unfortunately not always) come from professional breeders, are adopted before a yoga class, and then taken home afterwards.

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At the same time, puppies enjoy human contact. Unlike adult dogs, who are the stars of dog yoga, puppies are playful and curious. Therefore, they approach yoga practitioners more openly.

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Where can I do puppy yoga?

Puppy yoga classes are becoming increasingly popular and already exist in many big cities, Hamburg, Munich, Berlin etc. Dog yoga is also often suggested to try at yoga festivals and large-scale events. However, puppy yoga was recently banned in Italy.

If you have a dog, you can also try dog ​​yoga. Try it yourself at home. To do this, spread out your yoga mat in a quiet place. Your dog should be in the room with you. Start with some breathing exercises and watch how your dog behaves. If he’s interested, try gently inviting him to practice. If your dog acts defensive or leaves the room, dog yoga is probably not for him.

Puppy yoga isn’t for you…

At Puppy Yoga, the welfare of animals is our top priority. The dog must be given the opportunity to retreat at any time. Animals are part of the yoga class. if you want that. Don’t put them on the yoga mat or drag them around, just wait for them to come towards you. Be considerate – puppies are living things, not aids like yoga blocks or straps.If you dog fear I have one animal hair allergy If you are suffering or just want to play and cuddle with your dog, this is the type of yoga for you. You don’t deserve it.

Animal protection group PETA issues harsh criticism

It increases as the little villains frolic in the yoga studio There is a risk of serious injury or swallowing.. Puppies can be overwhelmed by many smells and new people, overstimulated, and left unprotected and exposed to unfamiliar surroundings.Animal protection organization PETA believes that animals later develop problematic behavior, they learn that they are helpless at the mercy of humans. After all, dog children are at a critical stage of social development.

“Puppy yoga is not a meditative practice or animal welfare. […] It is completely irresponsible to “throw” dog children into such a course – their needs are always ignored“PETA’s animal companion expert Annika Lewald warns,” which is why animal rights activists are asking people no longer to bring puppies to yoga classes. Animal shelters are extremely crowded, while puppy yoga courses continue to see an increase in demand for breeding animals.

Bottom line: Should you try puppy yoga?

Puppy yoga is more than just a sport. unforgettable experience. That’s because it combines the benefits of yoga with the positive effects dogs have on the mind. This trendy sport is a great way to de-stress and get active at the same time. If you have the opportunity to take a puppy yoga class and are OK with it, give it a try. Because Puppy Yoga works better than any other mind-opening thing.Still, you should Be sure to check in advance where your puppy is coming from and choose a reputable studio that is sensitive to the animal’s needs.

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