May 18, 2024

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meadow dog
A dog attacked a toddler in Neuubing and bit him on the back of the head. PETA is calling for the introduction of dog licensing. (Iconic image) © Ben Birchall/dpa

Animal rights group PETA is calling on the state government to take action after a dog attacked a toddler in Munich. Here are the plans they propose:

MUNICH – PETA wants to know the outcome and is demanding a dog license after a dog attacked a toddler in a Neuubing park. This is how we protect humans and animals.

PETA’s Annika Rewald explains that the problem usually lies with the dog owners, not the four-legged friends themselves. She said: “Many of them have difficulty correctly interpreting and understanding their dog’s actions, signals and body language. Therefore, the real cause of biting incidents is people’s ignorance, not our four-legged friends. There is.”

This is what PETA wants for dog licenses

A dog that is kept incorrectly can become a danger to others. PETA believes this problem can be solved with dog licensing. The organization believes its initiatives are supported by representative research from 2023. It found that 68 per cent of those surveyed supported the introduction of permits for owning dogs.

Even before welcoming their four-legged friend, their owners took a theory course to learn the basics of species-appropriate posture and communication. This is followed by a compulsory joint practical seminar at the dog school for owners and dogs.

Lower Saxony as a model for Bavaria

This is so that the owner can correctly understand the pet’s signals and hold the pet correctly. Animal rights groups explain that this is the only way to prevent future biting attacks.

PETA points to Lower Saxony as a model federal state for further reference in its efforts and hopes to see a similar approach in Bavaria. The number of accidents there is already decreasing.

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