May 18, 2024

Bert Duben. Days after the incident, 35-year-old Rene Rimple’s limbs are still affected by the shock. what happened? Anglers wanted to relax on a small dinghy tour on May 1st. “I went out on the river at the pier near the Mulde Bridge and rowed towards the Mulde Reservoir. My destination was Kiesgel in the Araunwerk district. I wanted to be picked up again,” says Bad Düben. says the resident.

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Along the way, Rimple continued to search for trash and trash. “If we find it, we take it with us. We want to have clean water,” Rimple continued. A few hours after the start, Bert Dübener wanted to leave the Aramwerk cavity again. But on the Schnaditzer Ufer, the 35-year-old discovered a bag tied with rope.

René Rimple found the 20-week-old mongrel dog in a sturdy, tightly tied bag.

“I could not believe it”

“I took the bag to the bank and untied the rope. What I found inside was just bad,” he says. The person who died was a mongrel dog. Probably 20 weeks old. “I couldn’t believe someone would dispose of their animal like that.”

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The animal probably washed up on the shore near Alamwork. It is still unclear how the animal got into the water and whether it was already dead or thrown into the river alive. “After a while, two people came in a canoe and I showed them what I had found. They were just as shocked as I was. Excited, I took another photo. I tried to find someone through the rescue management center in Leipzig who could tell me what to do next. Afterwards, I drove home completely excited,” Rimple reports.

Assistance via the Leipzig Rescue Control Center

The head of the rescue control center quickly established a connection to the work phone of the Bart Duben Security Bureau. A short time later, Rimple called Kathryn Listeman. “We briefly talked about the situation and explained to him that we would be checking the scene the next day and processing the findings,” Listeman says.

However, the next day, both the dog and the bag were gone. Days after the incident, residents of Bad Düben are still shocked by such behavior. “My grandfather always had hunting dogs, too. Dogs are part of the family, so you can’t just throw them away. There are still animal shelters,” Rimple says. He has now decided to file a police complaint against the unidentified persons. Even if there is little hope of identifying those responsible for this act.

Police are not aware of any similar incidents

Asked by the Leipzig Police Department if similar incidents were known in northern Saxony, police spokeswoman Therese Leberenz said: “In the past six months, four violations of animal welfare laws have been reported to the police in the northern region of Saxony. However, some of these incidents are similar to those described in Bad Dübener Malde. There was no problem.”

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2022: Dog dies after being shot with a bolt in the back of the head

The Veterinary Service of the North Saxony Regional Office also commented on the incident upon request. Steffen Fleischer, Director of Security and Municipal Affairs: “This procedure of disposing of dogs and cats wrapped in plastic bags into bodies of water is not yet documented in North Saxony. They are sometimes illegally dumped in hard-to-reach places such as roadsides or forest parking lots. These days, this happens more and more often, sometimes several times a month.”

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In rare cases, a dog or cat is found dead in the past, and the cause of death may be a targeted killing rather than a road accident. “In 2022, a dog was found dead with a bolt to the back of the head and reported on an embankment on a little-used road near Eilenburg,” Feischer said.

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What happens if the culprit is identified?

Stefan Fleischer explains that from a legal point of view, a distinction must be made between targeted killing, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, the disposal of dead, accidental or legally killed animals. doing. law. “Killing an animal without justifiable reason is a criminal offense under Article 17, Paragraph 1 of the Animal Welfare Act. However, owners who protect sick animals act without justifiable reason. It is also a crime if the animal’s owner does it intentionally. In this case, it can be punished with up to three years’ imprisonment or a fine if it is simply illegal dumping of the animal’s carcass. It is considered a crime and carries a fine of between 5 and 25,000 euros,” says Fleischer.


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