May 18, 2024

US governor tells how he shot his dog during US election campaign – German animal rights activists are appalled: “People like Kristi Noem brag about their cruelty in the public eye. opposes efforts to strengthen “animal protection”, said the German Animal Welfare Association in Bonn.

“Anyone who acquires an animal assumes responsibility for that creature. You can’t simply ‘get rid of it’ just because you imagine a different cohabitation.”

In a section of her unpublished book, Kristi Noem, the Republican governor of the US state of South Dakota, explains how she shot and killed her beloved dog named Cricket. Noem explains that he really wanted to train Cricket to hunt pheasants.

“Like a trained assassin.”

The 14-month-old animal was so impulsive that they scared him out of the game. The dog then killed chickens on a neighbor’s family’s property “like a trained assassin.” Noem said the animal even bit her. Then she shot it in a gravel pit.

The Animal Protection Society is now concerned about copycats in the United States. Especially since weapons are being found in many homes in the United States.

“However, we believe that the vast majority of people have more empathy for Kristi Noem and condemn and disgust her actions. The association is also aware of the animal killings in Germany. ”

After spontaneous purchase, many animals settle in the house

A spokeswoman for Deutsche Presse said each animal purchase should be carefully considered. “The crux of the problem is that anyone can voluntarily purchase an animal without prior knowledge.”

Unconscious impulse purchases are usually made through the internet. “Sooner or later, these animals often end up relinquished or abandoned in animal shelters due to excessive demands and disappointed expectations.”

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