May 27, 2024

sophia hesser


Hans Bruster, a resident of Feldkirch, takes his dog from the Scherzingen animal shelter for a walk every day. And it’s been going on for decades. A friendship between the animals was born. However, he has no intention of adopting any animals.

In fact, Feldki's Hans Burster...enjoys a walk with him. | Photo: Sophia Hesser
Hans Verster from Feldkirch actually travels with his Rottweiler mix, Pino. However, he was a little unwell during the BZ visit, so little Lottie was able to enjoy a walk with him. Photo: Sophia Hesser


Every day, Hans Verster roams the fields around Scherzingen. He makes his rounds wearing comfortable hiking shoes so that he doesn’t pinch anything during the hour-long walk, and so that if it rains, his feet won’t get wet. When I put my hand in my jacket pocket, I hear a rustling sound. Dog treats are always on hand. At 82 years old, he is also in control of his lead. Hans Verster is never alone…

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