May 18, 2024

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Walking in the grass: This is no longer possible after April 1, as dogs must be leashed due to the breeding and nesting season. Citizens want a (fenced) dog run so their four-legged friends can play with other dogs without a leash.Archive © Jürgen Wagner

Dogs need exercise and want to run, play, and fight with other dogs. This requires pasture for dogs. They are now making demands on the residents of Friedberg.

The meadows and fields between Friedberg and Okstadt are very popular with dog owners. Our four-legged friends walk around Eppelwoweg every day. The three-and-a-half-month leash requirement will come back into effect from April 1st. And Ursula Hoheisel knows that in nature a period of reproduction, settlement and rearing begins. “During this period, the dogs only have their own yards and don’t even have the chance to run around freely and enjoy the company of other dogs. That’s why Hoheisel and other dog owners have created a dog park for Friedberg. I’m looking for pasture.”

Dog owners in the area’s town, which is home to about 1,300 dogs, have long struggled with the lack of opportunities for their animals to run and run around in fenced-in open spaces. Dogs need social contact with other dogs. But dog pastures are not only beneficial for dogs and their owners. “People who tend to avoid dogs also feel safer,” Ursula Hoheisel writes in an appeal that she and four other colleagues are collecting signatures in support of.

Fence, trash can, poop bag

A designated and fenced off-leash area can be used for low-threshold training, giving your dog mental and physical exercise, or letting him run around with other dogs. This way, your dog can exercise his natural instincts and play to his heart’s content without a leash.

Dogs’ freedom of movement is restricted, especially in city centers, but also in many residential areas. “Owners often do not have their own gardens and rely on vacant land,” says the Friedberger resident. Dogs, especially those in animal shelters, rely on secure, fenced areas.

The dog run must be at least 1,000-1,400 square meters in size, surrounded by a fence (1.80 meters high) and covered with grass. It should be freely accessible and, as a minimum standard, should include a bin, a dog waste bag stand, and one or two benches.

Hoheisel already has suggestions for where dog pastures could be set up. Suitable areas are those where some level of contamination already exists but does not interfere with the planned use. Like the old airfield between Friedberg West and Ochstadt. There, from time to time there are bits of asphalt on the ground, but otherwise there are trees and bushes, and grass grows on the left and right sides of the gravel road.

Meadows are easily accessible on foot

There is already a fenced meadow there, and Hesse Mobil operates a rainwater retention pond here (as elsewhere along the B 3). Hoheisel could imagine a dog pasture nearby. “Although there are no protection-worthy housing developments in the immediate vicinity of these areas, they are still within walking distance of surrounding housing developments, and dog owners from both Ochstadt and Friedberg West are welcome to visit Steinernes Kreuz and beyond. People come from far and wide.” Elsewhere, Hoheisel said, people have had good experiences at the dog park.

In 2021, a meadow for dogs will be created at Lake Wölfersheimer. This has been received “consistently and positively”, reports Sebastian Goebel of the community’s cultural services. »The pasture is used very well. Initially there were concerns, not only from Wölfersheimers but also from the surrounding area, that the meadows, for example, would be completely covered. “None of that materialized,” Goebel said. “There are strict social regulations among dog owners, and everyone wants a clean lawn. Everyone cleans up their own mess. There are no complaints.” The community recently set up a small shelter in the dog meadow. has been installed. Dog owners wanted this to protect them from the weather.

Friedberg resident Ursula Hoheisel and four of her colleagues are collecting signatures until May 30th to request pasture for dogs. We already have some supporters. If you would like to participate, please send an email to The signature should be handed over to Mayor Ketil Dahlhaus, who Hoheisel hopes will inspire animal activism.

dog farm rules

Dog pastures also need rules. Ursula Hoheisel and her colleagues suggest:

1. When owners bring their dogs to the dog farm, please keep them on a leash so that the dog can move freely and relaxed (leads are not required at the dog farm).

2. Dog owners should always keep an eye on their dogs.

3. Dog owners must collect their dog’s excrement and dispose of it in the provided trash can.

4. To avoid accidents, the hole dug by the dog must be covered by the owner. «

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