May 27, 2024

At the Eisenhüttenstadt animal shelter on Oderlandstrasse, dogs have been waiting for new homes for years. These include the male Labrador dog “Professor” and his siblings “Borek” and “Pinsel.” They had been hoping for a new home for six years. Animal shelter worker Roland Zahn can only imagine how 7-year-olds Professor and Borek will bond with animal lovers. “Both are very easy to use, but only the brush is problematic.”

Although they cannot be walked on a leash, they may do well as farm dogs. Sylvia Pantel, an employee at the animal shelter, said Professor and Borek are still in harnesses, but Reed is probably scared.

Coco the dog is a cute puppy - I hope he gets adopted soon

Eisenhüttenstadt Animal Shelter

Coco the dog is a cute puppy – I hope he gets adopted soon

Roland Zahn is particularly confident in his black “professors.” He is the smartest of these three scary dogs. “I can easily imagine him being active on the farm or as a guard dog. He is very attentive. It certainly takes time for his owner to gain his trust. But once the ice thaws, he is definitely a very good dog. He will make an excellent dog,” says Ute Valentin, manager of the animal shelter.

Labrador “Professor”: Dogs are hesitant towards strangers

Professor’s long-time roommate, Ares, has passed away, and he is now living alone in his room. But when he plays, he makes it a priority to spend time outside with his brothers and show that he suits up with the pack. He is spayed, vaccinated, and has no known illnesses.

Poor dog Ingo has had a long and difficult journey.

Eisenhüttenstadt Animal Shelter

Poor dog Ingo has had a long and difficult journey.

“Professors” are respectful and keep their distance, especially towards strangers. If you respect that, he won’t be aggressive. It is unknown whether he will grow up to be a fearsome dog, like his siblings. Sylvia Pantel, a caretaker at an animal shelter, discovered six puppies, about three weeks old, in a trash can while visiting animal rights activists in Bulgaria.

Dogs in Eisenhüttenstadt: Completely scared on arrival

One of the puppies died the next day, but the Bulgarian woman was able to nurse the remaining five using bottles. Two of these four-legged friends went to another animal shelter in Germany, and Ute Valentin took care of the remaining three eight months after the employee’s visit.

But when they arrived at the animal shelter on Oderlandstrasse, the dogs looked completely frightened. They were being transported in cages and at first they did not want to come out. The “professor” was also muzzled. “The driver must have tortured the dogs,” Silvia Pantel is sure. At least the animal shelter staff was able to gain the trust of the dogs. However, they are still very shy around strangers. This hinders recruitment.

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