May 21, 2024

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dog poop emergency landing plane
A pile of dog poop caused a plane to make an unscheduled landing in Dallas-Fort Worth. © Reddit/Flightradar24 (screenshots, montage)

Houston/Dallas – What was supposed to be a relaxing domestic flight from Houston (Texas, USA) to Seattle (Washington, USA). But things turned out differently, with United Airlines passengers instead temporarily stranded at the Dallas airport.

Flight UA422 took off from Houston on time at around 4:40 p.m. (local time) in early April and was scheduled to land in the northwestern United States four and a half hours later. But nothing happened. Just an hour after takeoff, the Boeing 737-900 (registration number N-73406) Unscheduled landing at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport (Also known as Texas, USA). This was revealed by data from the portal.

The reason is that there is a strange odor inside the machine. what happened? As reported by various users on the Reddit platform and now confirmed by the airline United Airlines Dogs do a lot of work on airplanes – Thereby I pooped in the middle of the first class aisle.. The pilot and crew ultimately decided to make an unscheduled landing after passengers became bothered by the foul smell.

“The smell made me feel sick.”

According to passengers, flight attendants had previously tried to help clean up dog poop themselves. Using paper towels and powder will reduce odor. A passenger who posted images of the incident on Reddit under the pseudonym “gig_wizard” reported that there was an unbearable odor on board. “The smell made me feel sick.” he commented.

And then came Dallas. cleaning staff I took care of you on the ship. to clean up the mess – However, the responsible foreman was not initially satisfied and had his staff gathered in front of the passengers, who apparently were not allowed to leave the plane during this time, and had the carpets cleaned again. Only after about 2 hours delay UA422 was cleared for takeoff and continued on to Seattle. The plane landed just after 9pm (local time), according to data from There was no strange odor this time…


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