May 21, 2024

Gulfstream takes your four-legged friends to their destinations in first class.Photo: Burke Aviation

If you look at your calendar, you’ll see that it’s not April 1, 2024. Still, I don’t want to believe the following story 100%. Or how would you feel if someone told you that a dog-friendly airline was born and your four-legged friend was now flying first class? But that’s actually the plan for BARK Air.

Today I learned about this absolutely amazing story about BARK Air through The Points Guy blog. Bark Air not only set itself the challenge of making flights as comfortable as possible for dogs, but they also thought about the challenge from the dog’s perspective. The airline is currently operating its first flights between New York and Los Angeles, and between New York and London. At a price that pays off.

Because BARK Air flies to these destinations in private jets with up to 15 seats. Only a maximum of 10 seats must be sold per flight. Tickets cost $6,000 (about 5,560 euros) within the United States and $8,000 (about 7,400 euros) transatlantic. All tickets also include a seat for the owner.

Photo: Burke Aviation

The fact that BARK Air’s service is special is evidenced by how dogs experience this flight. There is no obligation to put your dog in a crate or in the luggage compartment. Owners have the freedom to choose whether their four-legged friend travels in a dog bed, on their lap, or under the seat. A leash is also required only for taxiing and takeoff. during landing and turbulence. During the flight, the animals can smell the cabin and interact with other dogs. To make sure this works, BARK Air has a concierge who wants to find out as much as possible about the animal before the flight to match the different personalities as closely as possible.

During the flight, your dog will be provided with a bed, blanket, toys, and even special treats if needed. And we also deal with the worst-case scenario. If you have no other option, there is an emergency dog ​​litter box.

BARK Air operates these dog flights using Gulfstream G5 private jets. Flights also operate from smaller airports in major cities to shorten check-in times and reduce travel time for animal passengers. Specifically, White Plains (HPN), Van Nuys (VNY), and Biggin Hill (BQN). Chauffeur service is included within 50km.

Instead of luggage space or cages: Dogs can fly first class on BARK Air | Frankfurt flyer comments

I still wonder if the website will be around after April 1, 2024. I think the idea of ​​offering private he jet flights for dogs is pretty crazy. Looking at the flight schedule, there are several flights every month. In fact, there are days when there are no seats available. Apparently, it appeals to wealthy customers who actively use the service.

However, it’s hard to imagine up to 10 dogs harmoniously living together in such a confined space on a plane.

What do you think about BARK Air and the “dogs fly first class” concept?

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