May 27, 2024

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Those who are entitled to the benefits of the nation live a basic subsistence. For example, if surgery is required and veterinary costs are high, the situation for those affected can deteriorate rapidly.

Advance planning is helpful here, as is support from social organizations. The Vocational Center does not pay any money to national benefit recipients.

Is it possible to pay in installments?

Ask your veterinarian if paying in installments is possible. It is best to pay in installments before paying the high cost of treatment. There is no obligation to do this, so you should look for exercises that you can flow from the beginning.

What should we discuss?

You need to be clear about the amount of your monthly installments and how long you have to pay each bill. When it comes to economic situations, play with open cards.

Your veterinarian may also know of agencies that can help in an emergency.

Compare prices

Ask and compare prices from different veterinarians in your area. These can vary considerably.

clarify what is needed

Not only do veterinarians’ prices vary depending on their practice, but they may also be cheaper depending on the scope of their services. So, just like going to the dentist, ask for the best treatment at the lowest possible cost.

Contact an animal protection organization

Before you find yourself in serious financial trouble, let an animal rescue society or animal shelter know about your situation. Animal rights activists face your problems every day and know how to solve them.

So, exchange ideas with other beneficiaries who also need to care for their pets.

How and whether the Animal Welfare Society will help you pay your unpaid veterinary bills will depend on your individual case. The key here is to follow up locally and stay on the ball.

Other social organizations

Non-animal-focused social organizations may also be able to help with high veterinary costs. You can research and exchange information about this on sites such as

Large welfare associations and church organizations such as Caritas can also serve as points of contact.

Don’t use too much volunteer help

If you work with stakeholders and they understand that you are doing everything you can for the animals, they are more likely to help than if animal rights activists feel they are being exploited. Masu.

volunteer veterinarian

Some veterinarians help provide medical care to animals in need, either at animal food banks or as traveling veterinarians for the homeless and impoverished.

Treatment is free, sometimes funded by donations, and often for a small flat fee. These dedicated people must fight to raise their own funds and take care of the poorest of the poor. It would be unfair to take advantage of these volunteers if there are other resources available.

Is the Job Center helpful?

There is no special funding for pets at the Jobcentre. Animal care and treatment must be paid for at standard rates. Beneficiaries can obtain loans with clerk approval, but decisions are made on a case-by-case basis. However, granting loans for pets is likely to be an extreme exception.

Is pet health insurance worth it?

Private animal health insurance can protect you from unexpected and expensive veterinary costs. Compare offers and calculate whether it is possible to pay the contributions.

Think carefully before adopting a new animal

If you spend the public’s money, you won’t be able to part with your beloved dog or cat. However, if you have to live on a subsistence level, think carefully about whether you should get a new animal, and if so, which animal you should get.

Hamsters are cheaper than dogs

Hamsters require much less veterinary and maintenance costs than dogs. Treatments for large dogs tend to be more expensive because they require more medication than smaller dogs.

For three dogs, you will have to pay three times as much to the vet as for one dog.

Which dogs need frequent vet visits?

French bulldogs, pugs, Pekingese, Shih Tzus, and other short-nosed dog breeds often suffer from disc and eye diseases and often require nose and throat surgery. Among small dogs, Pinschers, Bolognese, Voronka Zwetna, and various terriers rarely receive veterinary care.

Therefore, refrain from purchasing more than one dog of a breed that is a regular customer at the veterinarian due to overbreeding. A financial emergency is then inevitable.

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